Gaijin, why does Grass Render on Desert Maps when you have it off?

I have grass off due to performance reasons. Regardless of Graphics settings, it bogs down my computer for some random reason. Out of all maps in this game, the only ones to cause this issue are Desert Maps.

Although it might be hard to tell, you can clearly see Grass STILL rendering KILOMETERS away when I have it OFF. No non-desert map does this. I don’t know why Desert Maps ignore Grass settings, but it’s extremely hard to play when most maps run at 80 to 90 FPS consistently and Desert areas run at only an unstable 40 FPS when I look around due to grass.

I do not want to have to lower my graphics settings just because Grass won’t stop rendering when I have it off. Please fix this ASAP.

And some other maps like Vietnam have similar stuff, but for some unknown reason, it does not do this to my game. Vietnam as an example runs just fine.

Those are bushes not grass.


They seem more like grass to me. And they’re completely unnecessary.


That’s just how Tunisia looks

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I don’t care how the real place looks. This is GRASS and when I have my GRASS setting off, it should turn off the GRASS. They are not bushes.

At the very least, they should not be rendering over 5KM+ outside the map.

This post is not about how Tunisia actually looks. It’s about Gaijin’s settings doing what they say they do.

Gaijin likes to model desert bunchgrass as bushes it’s to give the landscape some scenery since they can’t place trees or larger bushes. I don’t believe it should cause you major performance issues if any at all.


Well it does for some god awful reason. Whenever this grass exists, it kills my game on all maps.

If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to ask for fixing of whatever is causing your FPS drops? You know, reporting it properly and give them some time to figure out what’s butchering your performance and deal with it properly?
Meanwhile, you can use your binos more as it apparently gives you nice 91 FPS… ;)

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I stated in my post that it only drops when I attempt to look around, as if it’s trying to render the bushes. This happens on Aral Sea, Tunisia, Sun City, and any other Desert map.

When I move into the city on Sun City, it goes away, but when I creep out, it comes back. It only occurs when those grass textures are on my screen. I’ve been playing for years and have always noticed it, yet never said much about it since I figured it’d get patched long ago. I finally got fed-up with it today.

This does not work. I made a post years ago about another graphical bug. Despite it being Acknowledged, it has not been fixed. It took them an entire year to fix the Ram Leak as well.

Not only is it difficult to prove anything graphical, but they’ll tell you it’s your own PC. They did this to me with the RAM Leak, which they conveniently realized wasn’t my PC and fixed a year later.

So I take it you have your game on an HDD, or you’re using an outdated processor? Frame stutters and FPS drops in war thunder are most commonly caused by CPU effects, which bushes and grass are loaded from.

Which grass textures? You mean the bushes in your screenshot?
Those are present on ever map, and have very little effect on performance thanks to dagor’s sprite popin.

This doesn’t seem like a graphical bug… This seems like a system issue. There’s little to nothing to fix, as problems such as frame drops or stuttering are almost always caused by user settings and poor hardware / firmware.

What would it be if not your PC? If it were an issue loading an asset then you’d see drops across every map at every second of gameplay. If there were an issue on the end of the game, you can run it with half load on every piece of hardware and still have performance issues without any spiking at all.
The RAM leak was dependent on user device, too… Do you use Windows? MacOS? Plasma? What kind of motherboard / RAM do you use? What cpu do you have? Is its firmware up to date? Have you checked integrity of game files?
Do you use Nvidia reflex? How about Nvidia Shadowplay or any similar background recording software? Do you have any background overlays on to begin with, such as the Xbox game bar or similar?

These are all things that people need to know if you want a solution. All of these can cause issues depending on your system.

then you should be forced to not be able to turn off grass.

I think it is here about e-sports settings abusing, not getting fps out of an outdated gpu from 10 years ago

Because thats not grass

What benefit are you getting from the grass being there exactly?

That’s Desert Grass man…

My CPU is a AMD Ryzen 5 2600 six core. It does not struggle one bit with the grass. The GPU does.

Those are patches of Desert Grass, not bushes. The only texture in this entire game to do such a thing is that grass texture. Not even Jungle or Vietnam cause this issue.

Why would it be a system issue if it only occurs with that one single texture?

Bad Optimization.

It’s only that single texture that bugs it out. When I go in the town, it goes away. The same with Sun City. Frames drop loading that specific texture.

I run windows.

16GB of DDR4 I think. I don’t know how to check that though.

I don’t really know how to do that. I was never taught anything about my PC. I’ve just been cleaning it and updating my GPU. I do have freezes, but some of them are due to my SSD throttling randomly.

Yes, many times. They’re fine.

I don’t think so.

I run outplayed to record gameplay, but even when it isn’t running, it still occurs.

Like I said, it’s just that one patch of grass on Desert maps. No other maps cause me to have such unreliably FPS.

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Since you have grass off, the only grass left is that produced by the CPU… Unless you go to your config file to turn that off too, that’s all that should be rendering.

I can guarantee you that if I fly out there, I’ll find bushes.
CPU grass only renders out to 150 meters on a render distance of 0.1.

How do you know that it’s “one single texture”? Have you turned off both GPU and CPU grass at the same time?

If it were bad optimization then frame drops and massive stutters would be an immense problem throughout the playerbase, as well as on every other game running on the Dagor engine… It isn’t. Not once in War Thunder do I drop past a 1.2ms frametime, whether I’m whipping around my camera in 3rd person or in sight.

Again, how do you know it’s one single texture? Seeing as you don’t know the difference between GPU grass (which you have disabled) and CPU grass (which has almost no performance impact and renders <150m away), I have serious doubts that you understand what the problem is.

Windows 10? 11? If on 11, are you running 22H2 or 23H2?
If you’re running 22H2 with any AMD chipset / cpu, there have been known memory leaks that are present in any application that pulls from separate block / text files. This is what primarily causes problems with any Chromium based browser, such as Opera GX or Chrome itself, as well as any game like Ark Survival Evolved (fixed in Ascended) or War Thunder.

They’re installed correctly, I take it?

Alright, then what GPU do you have? If you have Nvidia, you can open “Geforce Experience” and go to drivers to see which driver you’re currently running and what the most up-to-date one is.
As for your CPU (AMD), head over to their website and make sure you’re running the latest StoreMI driver, as you’re on Windows. Seeing as your processor is over half a decade old, it’s possible you’ve fallen behind there and it may cause issues with performance.
If you have an AMD GPU, you can do the same thing and update it manually or use Adrenaline to quickly install them.

Your SSD throttling could be an issue with the SSD itself, its connection method, or the aforementioned CPU drivers as that’s the root cause of most bulk issues.

If you have an AMD graphics card, I believe you can’t use this.

Go into your config and find the line “grassRadiusMul:r” and set it to 0. If the issue still persists, it’ll be another graphical option that’s holding you back.

What are you graphics settings set to right now? Can I also know what your total specs are?

Could be, but from videogame point of view its not in grass category so you cant turn it off with slider.

You will be fine. No big issue, just a gaijin thing.

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