Gaijin, why does Grass Render on Desert Maps when you have it off?

Those are aloe vera plants for your “unconscious” crewmen.

That is not Aloe vera…

It isn’t fine if the texture is giving the game issues.

immersion (and enjoying the graphical fidellity of a game) and noone having an advantage by grass not being rendered for some, while being rendered for others.

You are looking ad bushes, not at grass.
Bushes are part of map design and cannot be removed.
If you have technical issues with game (and you are sure it’s not on your side - you have updated GPU drivers) please submit valid bug report here: Community Bug Reporting System

PS. You are complaining:

I don’t know why Desert Maps ignore Grass settings, but it’s extremely hard to play when most maps run at 80 to 90 FPS consistently and Desert areas run at only an unstable 40 FPS when I look around due to grass.

yet on your screen you have 90fps.

What is grass ON/OFF setting and what it do in War Thunder: