Gaijin why are the taiwanese f-86-f30/40s .3 br above the same jets f-86f30/40 in the japanese tech tree

The sabre guns are the weakest guns in that br and I’m constantly fighting mig-21/19s and super sabers , we don’t even get the historical 2xbombs and 2x sidewinders
Seen here
This is literally the worst jet in this br range and the br compression beats it down even further Atleast bring it down where other sabers are

F-40 Sabre has much longer wings and wing slats.

That’s why.

Longer wingspan doesn’t justify why it should fight av-8bs and 104s

With its longer wings and wing slats, the F-40 Sabre is far more maneuverable than the F-25/F-30 Sabre and can win dogfights against MiG-15bis and MiG-17s.

The fact that it face aginst F-104 and Harriers, all-aspect missile carriers is another issue called “BR compression”, which is no problem considering that the F-40 Sabre has same BR with F-2 Sabre, CL-13A Mk.5, also MiG-17.


So they ARE capable of Customizing Secondary weapons. I always find it odd that they cant custom their payload at all…

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Who still remembers that gift pack F5? I really regret buying that one

The Shenyang F-5?
It was one of best premium when we had 9.7BR hard cap.

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Yes, but shortly after I purchased it, the Harrier fighter appeared, and the F5 no longer had fun


They really shouldn’t be at the same BR as the CL 13Bs, They must go lower.

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That isn’t smart. The original jets shouldnt have been lowered either


Those aren’t bombs; they’re drop tanks.