Gaijin, where are our downtiers?

Surely i’m not the only one who spends 99% of their matches in uptiers?

Where has the balance in match making gone?

Why arent we getting downtiers anymore?

Currently playing 10.7 AirRB, and 99% of all my matches are in the 11.3-11.7 band.
Very, very, very…Very rarely getting in the 10.7 band, or a down to 9.7.

What gives?
How are you meant to complete in this ‘fair and balanced’ game when you constantly pitted against superior equipment?


I think its a combo of 2 factors

  1. (and I’ve never gotten confirmation on this) Playtime/Player rank influences how often you get uptiered. Higher the rank/playtime the more likely you’ll see an uptier.

  2. 11.3 Premiums are being spammed hard currently farming out the new top tier jets and is overall, a very dense BR bracket, with a lot of jets crammed in at that BR, making it very popular. Meaning there is overall more matches in that 11.3-11.7 range currently

That being said, yeah, it really really sucks and is a badly implemented systems. There needs to be guaranteed MM uptier/downtier ratios. So you at least see equal tier matchmaking at a reasonable frequency.

Personally. I think ARB needs an SB style EC-Bracket system

No more RNG Uptier/Downtier. You know up front what the brackets are and can decide if you want to have the challenge of an uptier or play something else. Maybe something at a different tier. It opens up low value jets to being high value again. Like the New Sea Harrier FRS1e. Very little value vs the SQV FRS1. But some cycles you may find it at the top of the bracket where as the the SQV is at the bottom of the bracket above


ok go fight 8.7 tanks in the Maus lmao its not very fun you know


Well . . I am sure it isn’t . . prolly one of the reasons it got yanked a while back . . hard to find a good place for it to play now. BUT . . . there was a time, when Maus was top of the heap and players feared it and ran away . . a LOT. Used be top of the food chain, but . … things change. And my point really was, in such situations you know going in what you can expect with a Maus. Not everything is like that tho. But there’s that old saying . . work/play the game, don’t let it work/play you . . still holds true. But if you have played long enough to get to the higher tiers/BR’s . . . you already know this stuff . . . Never give up, Never surrender . . . . lol

TBH, I actually like the idea, but bringing a SBEC style BR blanket to the ARB would require some reworking because there are 1.3BR spreads matchmakers in that list.

There is now with the addition of 12.3, which is unfortunately really annoying/messy, but I think it could be properly adjusted.

Edit: didnt see the 2.3-3.7 bracket. But yeah, I think with some refinement it could work

I’ve been playing 10years.

One of the most important skills to master IMO is learning what BRs people are playing a lot of, then playing 1.0 above that.

So, if the match maker is flooded with 8.0 vehicles’, play 9.0 - lots of full down tiers.

And of course, if you were to play 7.0 in the above example, you’d get lots of up-tiers.

Which is fine. Except

A) When you have no choice in the matter. What if the highest BR you had was 7.0

B) What if you want to play that 7.0 but you dont because you know it would be boring with pure uptiers

Grind a good 9.0 using a 6.0 - most of the 7.0 are getting sucked up into 8.0 in that example remember?

But that still sucks. Having to use a lower vehicle to grind it out, also means lower economy rating and no RP bonus for next in tree. You shouldnt need to being using BR6 vehicles to grind out 9s just to avoid BR7-8 because they are unplayable due to the matchmaker. Thats 2 whole BRs that you have to avoid. That is bad gameplay and just reinforces the issues with the grind in WT

I’ll give an actual example of something you can use right now:

The match maker is currently flooded with the new battle-pass B7A2’s. (3.7).

Thus, playing a good 4.7 will get you a lot of full down-tiers.

You’re welcome :)

Not going to disagree with you, but it’s not going to change.

So you can either adapt and find the holes in the system for your benefit, or keep getting screwed and complaining about something that won’t change.

I already found the solution, I play SB, I know what im going to face before i’ve even hit play and can tailor my choice of what I want to play based upon that. No RNG involved. Which if you scroll up, is actually my solution for RB. Just add hard brackets to RB like we have in SB. Its been a great success at opening up previously unplayable aircraft to being great again.

Wise man once said “Almost all problems of this game are solved by playing lower ranks”. That man is me, 5 seconds ago.

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Probably, increasing the BR blankets from the current x4 to x5 or x6 would fix.

Also, implementing this MM may make balancing easier, since the BR black hole will have little or no effect on the statistics.

Whatever, If Gaijin can bring back the good old 9.0BR matchmakers, I would agree for almost everything ideas.

62% of internet statistics are false, including this one :) My point…what you say IS NOT POSSIBLE…there are other players ON YOUR OWN MATCHES that are on downtiers :)
Statistically you should have around 25% top tier games IF IT WEREN’T for the 4 top tier vehicles limit…this lowers values a bit, so a realistic number would be 20% or a little lower. BUT overall numbers have the odds of a full uptier at 30% or so (due to same effect)…which also means that 70% of the time your are not in a full uptier :)
This applies to ARCADE…in Realistic there are other factors (team composition) that may make some lineups(BR) have more uptiers. TBH even in arcade some BRs are a bit better than others…there was a topic with a graph on the older forum…

Err…players having the ability to quit the game until they get the matchup they want WILL NEVER WORK…as the forums usually prove. Lots of players want to have the advantage in order to play…
I dont care about maps, map side or BR…every match i take a look at my team just to have an idea on wher i am (top or bottom tier) and play accordingly…if i am bottom tier i hide more and avoid things i can’t kill…and it is not 99%, not even close…

And… as far as I know, you have never played ARB or SBEC, let alone Jet RB match.
What a gamer…

I spammed Kfir Canard, Kfir C.2, J35XS, F-104G, F-4F which are 10.7 BR when the top BR was 12.0, but most of those games were down tier and very RARELY did I get up tier games and face against F-14A. That’s because everybody spammed premium 10.3BR jets or 11.3BR jets for grinding MiG-29 or F-16/F-14 and makes it “BR blackhole” on matchmakers.

This BR black hole problem happened even we didn’t have AAMs in the game, and at that time BR8.0 jets suffered considerably because it almost always faced against F-2 Sabre, OP CL-13, Hunter F.1, and MiG-17.

Yes…but AFAIK the issue is being discussed IN GENERAL…not specifically in ARB or SBEC…
If it is, then i admit i don’t know nothing (but i am not Jon Snow…GOT joke) :)
In top tiers (the very top) there may be additional issues related to lack of players and a “hard” ceyling that makes is harder to match top BR players, making it harder to get an uptier if your lineup is very close to the maximum, but not there yet… EVEN SO…there are top BR players at those matches…or there would not be an uptier :)

Not true since 2014.

That’s the real reason.

They need to just ex-nay the entire BR system. It’s been a huge source of contention since initial implementation.