Gaijin, Switch out the Type 90 (B) “Fuji” to a Different Premium

If i get the unluckiness chance of getting up tiered to 11.3 in my 10.3 tanks i stand no chance to that thing, nor my team, simply steamrolled to oblivion…

Last time i checked the stats of these Type 90 players, they have over 60 to 75% WR with an astonishing KD of 4.0

It’s an absurdly P2W Tank, if you have a brain and know where to aim it’s unstoppable.

It literally the same tank in the tech tree with a camo net

It has no armour it only advantage is the reload


People who never played the type 90 need to because this thread sounds like a lot of people are complaining about this tank’s strengths without knowing its weaknesses.

  • It has armor that can only stop IFVs at best and even then it still has weak spots that can be frontally penned by some IFVs and light tanks so any penetrating round will almost certainly disable key modules and/or kill crew.

  • Its main round and only apfsds is very tricky to use at 11.0 as armor WILL stop this round and the user must hit the weak spots and nothing but weak spots to win engagements. Compounding with the weak armor it has, this tank is almost always going to lose a front on engagement in an equal match up.

  • Small crew means that one shots happen to it quite frequently as the driver is right in front of the gunner and a single shot usually knocks out both.

  • poor gun handling prevents this tank from reacting quick to different threats and/or situations. moving across terrain or neutral steering is enough to out rotate the turret’s measly 30 degrees per second or out speed the 10 degrees per second vertical targeting speed.

  • poor optics. pretty self explanatory. 8 degrees fov unzoomed. 7 when zoomed. thermals only for gunner and not commander though thats pretty on par for most nations around this BR if not slightly below average.

and though im not too sure of it, i think its engine noise is also pretty loud compared to other diesels in game. idk how distinctive it is as i havent reached top tier ground in other nations yet to fight the Type 90s


As someone who plays the type 90s, trust me, DM/JM33 isn’t that good lol. It non-pens 292s, let alone other MBTs at 11.0 .

I’m sure in protection analysis it does ok, but JM33 is very mediocre for that BR. It gets the job done, but that’s it.

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It’s object 292 what do You expect i’ve nonpen’d those things with DM53, but yeah Even so Dm33 struggles against a Lot of stuff that’s why it requires precise aiming

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Keep in mind that they’re only facing 10.0 consistently because of the 292. Beforehand, they mostly went into uptiers in my experience.

Pretty much a perfect storm for the type 90. It does really well in downtiers, but JM33 starts to hurt at 11.7+.

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It is in a very weird spot unless they decompress

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Maybe if you’re only checking the best player each game.

IDK, maybe someone else here has that stat-line, but the TT type 90s are 50-60% WR, 1.5-2.0 KD kinda vehicles. Not bad, not OP.

Maybe I’m just self-reporting a skill issue though lol.

Anyways, just shoot it where you’d shoot any other MBT. Should have pretty similar weakspots to the Leo 2a4 IIRC. It’s not gonna be a fair fight when you’re in 10.3s, but the same is true for them when they fight 11.7s.


I grinded Japan normally if You wanna check My stats

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time to dust off this lineup and work on getting the Ah-64DJP

Citation needed

If you bothered to read what I said earlier - historical or otherwise, a NERF is a NERF - I’m not saying it’s not true.

citation needed

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My opinión on the AH64DJP it’s mixed since the missiles and platform are pretty good just that the lack of MAWS hits it hard altough overall pretty good i’ve bullied pantsirs in it

IDK how I missed this, but what vehicles are you talking about?

I’m not as familiar with aircraft, but this is simply false when it comes to ground vehicles. In part due to the fact that we don’t have enough sources to have a discrepancy like that, and also due to the fact that both the type 90 and type 10 (mostly the type 10) are underperforming when compared to their IRL counterparts.

That’s not to say they’re poorly balanced in game, but rather that they aren’t 100% realistic portrayals of themselves. Much like the Chally 2 or even Leclerc if I’ve understood correctly.