Gaijin, Switch out the Type 90 (B) “Fuji” to a Different Premium

As someone who owns the fuji, it needs the “Sweden” treatment. It is absolutely ruining top tier. It does not care about the fact that you gave it sub par ammunition when compared to other tanks at its br or its lack of armor. The gun with a 4 second auto loader is enough to make it basically pay to win so long as you have a brain.

You guys took away the swedish STRV PBIL clone and gave us the CV90105, which shows us that if you think something is bad for the game you will change it even if the players upset. This is another one of those situations. The vehicle isn’t inherently good, much like the old swedish light tank, but its disgusting if you know how to play it and nothing else stands a chance.

If you give even the slightest shit about the health of your game at top tier, stop chasing that money and start using your brains.


why would it be pay to win when you have 2 identical tech tree tanks

You mean the replacement of the CV90105 with the 105 XC-8?
That had nothing to do with balance but replacing the 105 with a more accurate model to it’s capabilities, the AMX turret wasn’t stabilised and didn’t have commander thermal optics, and the XC-8 was completely cracked on release too.

Pretty novel it’s Japan being complained about around this BR and not USSR 10.0 for once


The actual root issue. The Japanese 11.0 vehicles were already overly strong. 400+ pen with a 4 second reload is more than enough for 12.0, the only reason they don’t get attention is because Japan doesn’t have many top tier players.

Gaijin isn’t going to move up the premium in BR as they don’t wish to sell “top tier” vehicles. Hypocrites.

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Type 90 to 12.0 you are buggin

Click-Bait and OES are already 11.3, it’s possible.


The type 90s amazing but it’s a glorified light tank. I’ve loved it ever since I’ve grinded the Japanese tech tree but please don’t go claiming it’s over powered lol. It’s got the mbt 60 problem where everyone shoots the hull when you can go right through the turret and there is nothing in the hill for them to hit. It’ll take time but people will learn to aim at the turret, which is sad as I’ve had a hell of a time return firing at people who made that exact mistake.


11.7 Leclerc has a 5 second reload with only 583 pen

11.0 Fuji with 4 second reload 481 pen

What does that extra 100 pen let you do that it’s worth a 0.7 BR difference and 1.0 second worse reload?

it requires absolutely 0 skill to play the fuji. its just as bad as the 2s38. If you are playing it as a light tank, you are playing it correctly. “people knowing where to shoot it” isnt the problem. Its the fact that people literally cant respond to it if they dont get the first shot off that is.

what are you talking about? Sweden had a light tank that had the autocannon with prox shells and tow missiles that was replaced with the CV90105.

The CV90105 is arguably much worse than the previous option. But gaijin said you didnt get a choice and stole our vehicles.

As for complaining about japan instead of USSR. I’ve given up on complaining about ussr, given that russian bias is 100% a thing and gaijin wont do anything about it…its a waste of oxygen

What “autocannon with prox shells and tow missiles” vehicle are you referring to?


the premium that got removed. It was basically the STRF with the 30mm autocannon that had RB52 tow missiles. Copy Paste of the tech tree varient.

A vehicle like this isn’t documented on the Wiki, do you know the name?

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Nothing because it doesn’t exist, the 105TML was up for preorder before the official release of the Swedish Ground Tree.


Their tanks are designed for defense, also consider they need to keep the tanks to a certain weight threshold to deal with the the tank potentially becoming bogged down. You could from a technical standpoint call all Japanese vehicles glorified light tanks due to their weight and armor. But armor isn’t everything especially in modern day.

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Dang, Japan finally got a great Tank to grind the TT with and people already want it nerfed…crazy…Not like the Type 90s already existed for some years now…lol

Issue is people are just now realizing Japan exist. We don’t see many Japanese players so they are less noticeable. Most of the time is just 1 to 2 Japanese and 14 to 15 German Leopards in a team or none Japanese in a match which goes unnoticed. Now its almost a full team of Type 90s thanks to the premium… and now the Type 90 is an issue??? e.e plzzzz Let Japan have nice things for once. Always nerfing our vehicles.


Gaijin is unlikely to take drastic action besides maybe a 0.3 BR bump

Well well well. A premium Type 90 dropped and people started to realise that Japan has a strong top tanks. Took a while…
Dont get me wrong, im not here to nerf it. Just looking at everyone eyes popping out when they encounter a 4s autoloading mbt that was in game for years now.


No it’s not. It’s literally a straight upgrade over the previous version. You’re the only person who thinks the previous version was good.

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Rules for premiums were changed in last year’s road map. Now instead of the highest rank it’s based on the highest BR.


Which means future top-rank premiums (like the Tigershark) will maintain their value as grinders significantly longer, due to being able to research an extra rank.

If we’re really lucky, they’ll move all the existing premiums that should be one rank higher up to where they belong. Or heck, at least move the event vehicles up (like Haruna sitting at Rank V).

I am aware that Gaijin wants money at the expense of game balance.