Gaijin stole my RP's

This plane was already researched and purchased. And no earned RP’s were spent to the next plane in a queue.

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M.B.175T and M.B.157 are not the same.

So then both of them were researched. Nevertheless M.B.175T and M.B.157 are 23 600 RP in total but I earned even more.

M.B.175T: 14000 RP
M.B.157: 18000 RP

First picture shows less RP for the M.B.175T, the existing progression at that point is unclear.
The other three screenshots add up to 18415, just slightly more than required. Due to the first reason it’s not obvious how much carried over. From the information you provided the numbers actually appear resonable.

Yes, seems reasonable. Probably I was being picky.