Gaijin still punishing snipers

Traction is so gimped in the game that trying to go up the higher areas is frustrating, I don’t mind the map but I wish it was more streamlined, the layout feels weird.

I never had an issue with it,I found ways to get kills playing both sides.That is the key ,Im sure most good players ,those better than me do more than just complain about maps until Gaijin changes them.
You just keep playing them until you find the secrets.I just watch replays to find the spots good players use.You cant flatten them all can you ?

That was so funny xDD

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I haven’t seen this map since this discussion came on ,no way to prove it either way for me.The hill is always Key regardless and always would be as in reality and I could never understand why the battle didn’t focus on it more often.People dont understand tactic.The hill controls all around it as it would in reality.

What do we do just bow to the stupid and play on an Ice hockey pitch.
Look at the support the OP got.

Ive never had a single problem, from 8.7 to top tier, playiny any nation. Its one of the few maps with interesting terrain, proper long range fights, and lots of variety.

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