Gaijin still punishing snipers

I don’t really understand it. Why does Gaijin insist on making all battles face to face fighting? What do they have against TD and SPG support vehicles? If they don’t want them used for thier intended purpose, why not just remove them from the game?

I’m talking about yet another update to the Carpathians map, where they’ve once again attempted to wreck the one and only sniper spot at the Southern spawn. (2nd update in about a month on this map)

I mean, I fully understand not wanting to allow players to shoot indiscriminately into the enemy spawn, that’s perfectly normal. But this little sniper spot doesn’t even come close to either of the other spawns. It’s only useful once the enemy player has actually entered the area of battle. (ie- They’re at a capture point, or approaching one.)

But as long as they keep trying to punish me, I’ll keep finding ways to punish enemy players in the exact way they don’t want me to.


This behaviour with the maps was the reason i was leaving. Just coming back every few months to see if they changed it back, but as i can see from your post there is no change, they still make the game more stupid.
Thank you, that saved me time.


Carpathians has plenty of medium to long range positions without that spot.
Carpathians remains one of the best medium range maps in the game.

You are not being punished.

Okay. Enjoy COD and other CQC games then.


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Carpathians was one of the worst maps for spawncamping, but with the recent updates it has gotten way better. That spot was too good, and needed to be removed.

Cope with the fact that maps are getting better, and learn to adapt to changes. Just deal with the fact that some spots are too good, and learn different tactics that aren’t driving to one spot and camping.


i smell a Tier VI American Tanks and Planes player.

You can smell through the internet??? wow thats awesome you must be from the future

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Sure, but why did they put long range Sniper railguns like the Object 120 or the Object 292 into the game then.

Why did they even bother with laser rangefinders also.

There are still plenty of places where you can use all of them effectively.

That spot was perfectly capable of shooting people in the enemy spawn, though. It 100% deserved to get removed.


For how long though

Lmao for good since they are part of majority of the maps. You dont need a 3km wide flat and open terrain (yes, sinai) to use a rangefinder.

Especially for darts I prefer a laser rangefinder at 1km and beyond. Skill issue, I know. But I prefer it this way anyways. It is also therapeutic to dunk an unsuspecting enemy.

Future War Thunder will be on 500m x 500m Maps with severe Fog so you cannot even see beyond your own barrel. And everyone just tries to ram into an enemy and click the shoot Button. We can playtest this right now with the Churchill AVRE, there is a good reason for its 32 smoke grenades. Had good success just driving through my own Fog until bumping into my target. Not sure if this Playstyle is suitable for everyone though.


Yeah I too feel like I am being personally victimized lol
I get taken from a spot on the map,watch it on the reply and when try to go there its gone or blocked off ,I’m like WTF? it’s so bad it’s funny…in a bad way.

Yeah same here.How you can go from loving a game to hating with just a few changes is amazing.
Gaijin keep rubbing my nose in the poo and every time I come back to the game I venture out with a sense of ill feeling wondering what they have destroyed in the two days since I last played.

Ah yes and flying tanks and lasers :)

How many years was it there? So just how bad was it ? How many times did you use it and get kills from it ?

No the map changes are a joke my guy and it seems the overwhelming majority agree

18000 games now you claim you never played like that ? My guy you lie, my guy : )

i am

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