Gaijin, please lower the BR of the B-29. It can't do anything at 7.3

Historical Accuracy doesn’t really matter in a game, and I don’t believe the B-29 making it barely halfway before a jet can cut you down comfortably is okay.

Even at its own BR, the B-29 cannot get to a base faster than an IL-28 or F-84, which it will see regularly. If bases regenerated faster, it might help, but it still doesn’t fix the issue that the B-29 can’t make it to bases unless the enemy team wills it. It’s gotten so bad that many people actually look down upon players who attack B-29 players since it’s a low blow.

I believe 6.7 would be more than sufficient to fix this issue.

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Just did a match in a Lancaster. Never even made it close to a drop point, was swarmed by the entire enemy team around 2 or 3 minutes from even getting close. Things only get worse the higher BR you go. Bombers are unplayable these days. I think you could comfortably drop the BR of most bombers by 1 maybe 2 full BRs and theyd still be massively underpowered

Sure you can. And by diving you will keep your speed up.

You have options to deal with the most common air to air missile, but seems you will just concede and not try so you might aswell just do a 180° into them with that attitude

it does well. get to 7km or higher. Barely anyone goes that high at 7.0.
Also maybe consider adjusting your approach vector instead of flying directly at a base.
If you want to kill a bomber, you know that 99% of them just spawn and fly in a str8 line down the middle, so maybe try not making yourself so easy to anticipate and engage.

In the case of an uptier, sure it will suck, but that is hardly any different from any of vehicle in that sense.


Man come on, Lancaster is fine, unlike most bombers, it performs well at high and low alt so choosing alt is important.

And as you know - majority of good bomber gameplay revolves around not being detected.


That has nothing to do with B-29 - fighters going for bombers first were always the usual low skill fighter players which are unable to fight enemy fighters; the only “excuse” to do this are daily/special tasks.

Diving in a B-29 with engines off totally outruns an Su-11…

And why exactly should a B-29 fight missiles to begin with…?

I guess, but it seems especially common with the B-29. Every game I’ve played with it has had someone actively feel bad for me. This hasn’t happened with my other bombers.

Yeah with that attitude, just turn around and let them shoot you down.

You were complaining about completely evadable missiles, i gave you the solution to avoid them and now you are looking for excuses that you would die anyways. So why try?

Kinda did IRL. So if you need historical justification, there you go. In game its just that it faces planes that are at a BR where they are shit enough to still carry missiles.

Tbh they could probably just fire Snebs and have the same effect

I share your hopes, but imho the main issue will be the same:

The BR is determined by a mix of various factors, but the theoretical max damage/TNT output has a decisive role in the BR setting for heavy bombers - and the actual performance (survival rate and score) has just a minor impact…

I follow some friends and my son playing Ground RB - imho heavy bombers are rather rare in Ground RB, so it is more likely that tactical bombers like Tu-2s might drop a bit - i mean they got nerfed last year with replacing old bombs with newer versions with less TNT…

You have not been reading a single thing I’ve been saying at all.

Historical Matchmaking should not be a thing. A bomber should be allowed to bomb before being cut down.

Which is impossible since they added contrails. You are also slow, have weak turrets and barely any turrets

Which in my opinion is a totally outdated and actually irrelevant factor to balance an aircraft around these days

not really, when you spawn, go off to the side and aim to get adjacent to the bases.
Head outside the enemies fov on approach.

I mean if you have a b29 with 16x1000lbers, the last thing you want to do is fly directly into 16 enemy players - which if you do manage to drop on 1 base - you then have to execute a 90degree maneuver to get on the next base - all with those 16 players on your 6… aint gonna happen.

Contrails do give position away but a good vector minimalises that.

If people could bring it upon themselves to do something other than point their nose at their finale destination, their sucess rate would increase.

But alas the community - “I am going for the left base so i will ensure my nose is pointed at that target the ENTIRE time, if i point my nose away for a few minutes then it might disappear”

If i want to cross the road, i will find a safe route to do so, not just walk straight across. (shit analagy i know but hey)

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Tried that. Was swarmed by 7 enemy fighters before I even opened my bomb bay doors.

And my 7.7mm MGs did no damage to them

well flying directly into the entire enemy team is hardly a better solution.

Put it this way - if i am in an interceptor or fighter and i want to kill bombers - guess what i am going to do?

I know all bomber pilots just spawn and fly straight to target down middle of map - therefore i will takeoff, climb down the middle and engage them in a headon as they fly straight toward me and my team mates.

I dont have to search for them, i dont have to consider their flight path i dont have to think about anything.

They literally fly straight at you and you shoot them down.

Personally i have great sucess when playing a bomber, i just use cunning and avoid making myself an easy target by flying headon into 16 enemy.

fyi - i know you know your stuff so i am not saying your wrong, im just saying there are methods, just depends if people are willing to experiement or are willing to make a vector.

Yep, but I still think it’s time to totally review the BRs of bombers.

They are balanced around bomb load and GRB. With splits BRs coming in June for air and ground modes it’s worth reviewing their performance in ARB. I understand the bomb load factor in the matches where “AFs can be destroyed”, but I don’t recall the last time I saw one of those. The typical “bases can be destroyed and will respawn after 5 mins” matches. I don’t think bomb load should even be a factor to consider balancing anymore.

I’m not quite as well versed in heavy bombers these days. I never enjoyed playing the British heavy bombers because they felt so weak (and quite frankly they were designed for night bombing raids, not broad daylight)

But aircraft like the Buc S2 I’ve seen it said that it has a 9.3 rating because of its bomb load. If bomb load is not a balancing factor anymore, then I could see it as low as 8.7 (thinking scimitar outperforms it in most respects)

So it’s not just fighter Vs bomber, but how a bombers BR decided is the issue here (not too mention the factor of bases in GRB, had too many matches in the past where also bases were destroyed before I got close and I got shot down loitering for a respawn…)

yea thats fair.

you know, if you read what i said:

Edit: anyways, just turn off your engines and watch as people who use IR missiles are easy targets

you’re right. one of the Vautours is at 8.3 or 8.7 i think in the French Tree. The SARHs are a bit garbage, but big enough and good enough to take out bombers