Gaijin please fix the wing rip

Every time that I do a roll and take a slight turn my wings go bye bye. Not just in the F15 but in the Su 27 and F16. It is just annoying. You can’t move a bit while rolling cause your wings will break

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How fast while turning?

Around 1000 km/h and even at 900 i had wing rips

Not sure how you pulled that off. Never ripped my wings in Su-27 or F-16.
F-15 I haven’t ripped wings since it was fixed near release.

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It is really simple. You need to move fast through a lot of enemies and do a roll and there you are with a wing broken in an F16, F15 or su 27 doesn’t matter

By “moving through enemies”, do you mean, to physically move THROUGH THEM?`
Yes, that will get your wing destroyed. Along with the rest of the plane.

No i mean going through a “wall” of them, the whole team, dodging things and that kind of things

I’ve pulled so many goofy aerobatic maneuvers in dogfights with the F-16A and C and I haven’t ever wing ripped. This includes using full real controls.

What are you doing to rip?

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Roll and pitch positive or negative G you chose

Are you sure you arent also pulling full rudder while you are at it?

Yes. No rudder