Gaijin, please buff the BM-31-12

As the post suggests, I am asking for a reasonable buff to the BM-31-12. While true that it isn’t a “meta vehicle” or consistent, I would like the vehicle to be somewhat playable. As such, I would like to suggest three reasonable buffs that would sit in line with how similar other vehicles have been treated.

Firstly, please give the truck scouting. You only have 12 rounds which you fire off instantly, and it takes over 2 minutes to replenish them on points. You’re also unable to engage targets closer than 600 meters on level ground. A similar vehicle with this buff would be the Zachlam Tager. As such I believe this is a reasonable request.

Secondly, please give the truck a rangefinder. While true that it doesn’t have one, the rockets have just as much drop as the Sturmtiger and you’re often forced to just sit a kilometer away aiming at a neutral cap until vehicles drive onto it. Due to this vehicle’s ballistics and minimum range of 600 meters, I believe it is reasonable to give this truck a rangefinder.

Thirdly, please decrease the time it takes to reload your rockets on a capture point. Games are often decided in less than 10 minutes, so the fact that you can run out of rockets with no reliable way to get kills the second the match starts with no way to rearm and stay useful is very punishing. If the vehicle could stay at a distance and play support from friendly held territory while shelling defenders, it would at least give it a purpose. This would require skill and luck while still being a derpy gimmick.

I would appreciate anyone’s thoughts and support here. I truly love these wacky vehicles, but I find this one to be nearly unusable in its current situation with not even a BR change capable of saving it.

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With the simple addition of spawn ammo replenishment you could use it as a funny artillery truck as it wouldn’t run out of ammo in 5 seconds and practically force you to switch to a different vehicle since you just die instantly if you go near a point


I thought about that, but that’s sooo abusable. Plus, you want to encourage active gameplay and not sitting in spawn.

For example, if they were to speed up the reload time of the truck on caps, you could move to one your team has secured and shell the enemy, however the enemy would also still have a chance to stop you by attacking that point while you’re defenseless.

Only if they buff the Panzerwerfer 42 in the same manner…

You can actually point forward with your weapon and have a machine gun. It doesn’t need it as badly.

Last thing this game needs is artillery units that are actually viable to use. It’s a funny meme vehicle, let’s not make it more than that please

The KV-2 is a funny viable meme vehicle. While not as good as other vehicles at its BR, it still remains usable.

The BM-31-12 cannot engage targets closer than 600 meters and has to direct hit most opponents to kill them. You have not given an objective reason for this to not be buffed. I am not suggesting artillery mechanics, what I am suggesting is making it have its own Niche.