Gaijin needs to nerf the Leopard 2A7V immediately or Remove Spall Liners

The Swedish Leopard as well, these tanks need to be balanced immediately! Without a doubt, it’s a tank for kids who just press W and kill everyone without using any strategy. Meanwhile, Challengers and Merkavas are garbage! When will Gaijin stop breaking the game? If possible, remove these spall liners from the game. You put them on the tanks you want, use the armor you want, and on top of that, we players have to search for information about armor and everything else for you to improve?

This is a tasteless joke, especially considering there’s nothing on Google about Challengers and Merkavas. Gaijin introduced the tank, Gaijin should balance the tank! They say the reload of the Merkava 4 is a balance issue. I ask you, what balance? This tank doesn’t even have the best APFDS in the game; it has a weapon identical to the Leopard 2 with lower penetration and worse reload, worse armor, worse mobility, and it’s terrible!

I’m posting this, hoping that this post will at least have relevance. Everything that is not relevant to Gaijin is ignored, just like these worst nations mentioned above.

The video below is just an example of this crap with spall liners in action. Has this turned into that other tank game now? Only thing missing is the HP.


use the damn x other threads about it. Besides that you troll, the 2A7V isnt the problem. OH NO germany has 1 decent tank. In the mean time the Strv122 all have better armor and spall liners in the hull. You are a hypocrite who didnt even bother realy looking at the situation and arent aware of the state of the game.

Use on of the existing threads if you realy wanna complain

When people are to incompetent and lazy to bother checking if the thread already exists


Thats a joke as well, the weapon isnt identical, the only thing they have in common is that they have 120mm caliber, you are aware that the gun performance can hugely differ between models? Not mentioning that the L/44 or L/55 can withstand bigger pressure or that the L/55 literaly is longer for higher penetration you realy have no idea what you are talking about

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I am indeed part of the game. I play every day and rarely encounter Sweden. I prefer my topic where I mention the worst tanks as a reference. Overpowered (‘OP’) tanks are not decent, understand

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Let me ask you this, do you think the 2A7V is currently overperforming compared to the real life one, or is it underperforming compared to it?

I’ll wait.

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yeah just that the 2a7v isnt the problem, the strv122 is, and you rarely encounter them, then you always play with them, i see them a lot. the tank isnt OP , you are just incompetent.

Besides that the solution isnt to nerve the 2A7V, not mentioning that in this game vehicles cant be realy nerfed , the only factor they use for balancing is the reload if anything.

And just saying dont be suprised if this thread gets deleted for being a duplicate


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Does it matter? The Leopard 2A7 only takes part in military exercises and parades, nothing more. There’s no way to measure any performance.

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besides it being an upgrade of well tested tanks , which some are currently even actively are participating in active duty. It is propably the tank which has the most well known capabilities as an modern mbt

You mentioned the STRV again. I play many more hours than you do, and having two STRVs on the team doesn’t guarantee a win. I don’t care much about the nation, especially considering that the largest player base is from Russia and Germany. Are you afraid that your main nation will receive a nerf?

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again there is no nerfs that are possible, we said from the beginning the 2A7V is to strong for the game, but nobody listened and they added it, and now we naturaly are fighting for it to be as real as it can be.

The game is supposed to be “semi-realistic” their is literaly nothing you can nerf at the tank besides removing the spall liners or effectivenes for all spall liners in the game

That being said say bye, this thread is propably getting deleted, i cant stand it anymore that people want to nerf germany for the sake of nerfing germany when sweden is X times stronger

How about no

Okay, I get it. You know nothing of value, and have nothing to add here apart from ranting.

Are you afraid that your main nation will receive a nerf?

Why would it “receive” a nerf, when the Leopard 2A7V is already artificially nerfed beyond belief? You’re complaining about a vehicle that has at best half of its actual combat capabilites (currently it doesn’t even posses 60% of the armour a prototype from 1993 did…).

How so? Are they using the balance factor to keep the Merkava 4 even more lackluster with a terrible reload? Even if it gets deleted, it’s a new topic that highlights the worst Main Battle Tanks then…

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If I knew the Merkava 4 would have good armor, I wouldn’t be here complaining, haha.

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Merkavas arent nerfed, its sadly just isnt enough known about them that gajin seems appropiate to use to model it. If you have articles /primary sources/secondary sources that state the better armor of the Merkavas better RoF anything, you gotta report it and it gets implemented.
But sadly the problem is their is no sources that can be used, same is the truth for the Ariete, Type 10, Leclerc.
The leopard has the advantage of being hugely tested in multiple forms and having a lot sources available which can be used to bring it as realistic as possible, but even we fight with gajin because gajin is using bullshit sources that arent correct anymore

then give us the sources, a statement it has good armor isnt enough for gajin

So your solution is to try and nerf the only recent German addition that is actually somewhat better than a tank (2A5) that was added nearly 5 years ago?


Even Gaijin themselves don’t have sources, it’s ironic.

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As if i would care about someones complain who has a ‘‘Z’’ political decal on their tank


and that is the problem, you cant prove anything. Dont take it out on other vehicles that are just well known