Gaijin needs to add a limit to how many strike aircraft can be on one team in air rb

if you play russia around 10.0 for even 1 match you will immediately see that its unplayable, literally over half of your team will be strike planes and its pretty much always the same 2 planes that get spammed to the extreme the su25k and the a5c since 90% of the time you will be teamed up with china, heres the problem once the first 4 bases get destroyed i find that a good half of the strike aircraft players either leave after getting a base or two or get killed by the enemy teams fighters right away which leaves like 5 fighters against what will probably be teams full of f5c´s, this could all be fixed if there was a limit for how many strike aircraft could be on one team it would make it better for both the fighter and the strike planes since now the teams would be balanced resulting in a better fighter experience since they will actually have teammates they can rely on and the strike planes wouldnt need to fight over bases.
I genuinely think its a good idea for air rb since it would make it much more fun for everyone.


The problem isn’t the amount of these planes. It’s the decision of the players. Both planes are pretty good fighters, but with full load out and flying straight to bomb base they are cannon fodder.

As long as bombing one base gives the player the same reward as 3 player kills ish, this problem will remain.

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I am not sure that this is actually fact, if all other things are equal.

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Especially for you I bombed 1 base with F16C. ;-)

Unfortunately, your snip isn’t enough to do the analysis.

You will have to show the entire data page, especially the “time played” and “activity” part. And then you would have to divide that up by score.

It would be much easier if you use the same plane for three kills and end it and then for 1 base kill and end it. Both times, playing for the same time before you quit. I would honestly be interested in the result.

Because if you look at this game, I got about 3 times your instant RP reward for 3 air kills but the real reward for the match was much higher.

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i kinda disagree for example the su25k will get killed by pretty much any fighter thats being piloted by a competent player

Then, What about A-4E that is spammed by average American players?

The performance of the A-4E is not that good when compared to other aircraft sitting at 8.0-9.0 BR, and they are just free fodder for players flying MiG-15bis/MiG-17, CL-13A/F-40 Sabre, G.91R/3.

In fact, due to rampant A-4E spam, you will just suffer when playing the US in 8.0-9.0BR because they gets insta wiped.

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