Gaijin , introduced Ground Vehicles anti spawn camp , and did not do it for CAS

Again we can see how much Gaijin favors CAS over Ground Vehicles , anti spawn mechanic was added for vehicles while CAS can spawn kill like it could before. No air is marked on the sky when they kill someone on spawn. Great job gaijin making CAS even better with those moves.

FYI I think its good to prevent spawn camping but should apply to CAS as well.


Maybe they will. Sounds like a good Suggestion unless someone can think of a negative. As long as it does not promote spawn sitting.

Sugestion that was here already dozen times , why we can mark vehicles on ground but you can`t do the same for air . Would be so much easier if at least light vehicles can spot someonthing in AIR , but Gaijin does not care about ground vehicles players as premium OP CAS like SU25 is selling good along with KA50


Because the spawn area is a static thing on the ground… An area, the planes may not have been a thought but even then they’re going that fast past you that highlighting them at all is likely futile.

It’s not that they favor it but who the heck would have even thought of this feature, let alone air being a risk to that…

All of this detracts from the simple fact, and the really good point, that the air may have been missed in the feature, and may need to be added.

Mark could follow the plane for 5 seconds , thats enough for SPAA to aim at it . Being in air is just privalage of nuking tanks for free as not many people play SPAA .

It is really common to see su-25 with 10-1 (1 is ground death) or KA50 doing same score .


You need to highlight the ‘issue’ rather than making out that gaijin INTENTIONALLY did it in the first instance…

Like, did you even THINK that it was maybe a bug or such a mistake before you flat out ‘OH SEE THEY LOVE CAS!!!@@’?

Just because you’re seeing premium high teir doesn’t mean squat… You’re not forced to play top teir.

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Just look up. Why do you need to mark airplane?

You don’t. We have enough arcade features already, and we should encourage players to use their own eyes and ears instead.

Speaking of which. Why do you need to mark a spawn camper? Ironically enough, irrespective of distance, meaning that to continue with the earlier Fields Of Normandy example, you could look into their spawn from the hill right next to A, 900m away, and still be marked. Marking snipers is just as arcade as marking planes.

Planes are borderline invisible at times, having to scout for singular pixels and tracking them is ridiculous.


Spawncampers can hide behind stuff on map. And if you dont expect spawncamper, you cant see him.

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They are never “singular pixel” in ground RB as they keep low and slow because of ground attacks.

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I mean it’s not even a single pixel, just a slight discoloration of a few pixels, try to find it.



And airplanes can fly low above a treeline, or turn their engines off when approaching an enemy spawn so as not to be heard by SPAA (or vehicle players in general).

If the premise is that players should rely on their situational awareness, which I agree with, then that applies to snipers and flankers as much as it does CAS. There ought to be no protected species here. If Gaijin and the playerbase decide that arcadeification is the way to go forward instead (hit indicators…), and that we should all be playing CQC battle royale, then it should apply equally to everything that isn’t CQC around a cap.

Spawncamping from the air is not materially different than spawncamping from a hill. And with the right ordnance, can be way more effective as well.

Now, let me tell you about a game I had recently. It was Golden Quarry, a “battle” match, so with each team having one cap. It was a full downtier, I spawned in the Jagdtiger and went west (where “A” normally is), to see if I could flank anyone.

It worked. I got four kills in the early minutes, setting up behind the rocks near the cisterns. But the other side of the map wasn’t doing so well, and in particular, there was this M26 guy that was getting kill after kill, apparently by camping the spawn.

I first assumed he might have crossed the river behind me. You know, there’s that rocky outcropping near “A” that allows you to look into the spawn. But I saw no sign of him. I repeatedly asked the squad to ping his location, but no one on my team bothered. Eventually I decided to go look for him myself, and drove all the way back to spawn.

It’s a good thing I did, because the guy was at 10 kills and I was worried he might get to a nuke later. I found him in C3, beneath that little portico in the building? He also saw me arrive, so we kind of played cat and mouse a little, until I managed to get a shot and get him.

With the current update, this M26 player would have been flagged to my team after getting the first spawn kill.

He wasn’t doing anything special or cheesy. He had traversed the thick of the battlefield on the “C” side, to get where he was. My team mates had low situational awareness, and/or no interest in teamplay by marking his location. Why should they be helped, and him punished? To me, this is a free handout to players that did less well, and a handicap to the player that did well and got ten kills for it.

Balance of performance. Skill equalisation. Call it what you want. It doesn’t sit right with me.

I’m a mediocre player at best, and at least I bothered to go check it out. It doesn’t strike me as absurd to expect the team to be able to handle that.

EDIT: for the record, we won. I died once and got 11 kills, and the game went down to the wire. We would probably have won a lot easier if the enemy M26 hadn’t been able to decimate our ranks. And I don’t think that’s a good thing.


Would be easier if ot was moving

Would be easier if it was more than a few pixels, it gets even worse if you zoom in because of the way the game renders it.
I have an easier time spotting commercial airliners at 10km up than this.

Now add in 2-3 more planes, with all of them knowing exactly where you are and you trying to track one of them whilst the others kill you.


If the teams were smarter they would occupy the whole map horizontally to intercept the flankers and spawncampers, instead most games I see teams crowded in the center of the map being slaughtered by the flankers.


Someone on this forum once said that players need to understand that not every strategically important point on a map has a circle around it to designate it. That is a great truth.

You’re not going to get people playing like an organized team when they’re not an organized team.


Most planes never make attempting attacks to ground targets during their possible spawn protection phase, due to limited ammo and attack window, they’ll just wait 20s or till the target moves.

If planes desperately attack a still-possible-protected target, most likely the game is already one-sided and they can’t find anything outside enemy spawn. Marking them won’t help much.

It’s not about being an organized team, it’s simply about having knowledge of the maps and knowing if the map you’re playing on has favorable points for spawncampers, if no one goes to cover these points, the “omelette is done”.

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