Gaijin Events Mission points system is boring and worse than task system

Could Gaijin please stop putting out events that require 40,000 mission points where you also can’t earn points for air while in ground RB. I always enjoyed the simple task events and being able to have task goals to try and complete. Also being able to get air progress while using my planes in Ground RB made it feel like I made good progress and could play a reasonable amount in the 2 days to get a mark of distinction for both air and ground. Now it is just boring and the grind is much worse.


Maybe its less exicting… but I remember some past events where I tried for hours to farm kills inside a cap circle, but it didn’t work…cause some of the tasks had conditions you couldn’t control yourself. Means you had to try again and again and again. Same for farming “Win’s” or assists. Just three examples.

The only remark I have to make to the current mission point system: The modifiers for ground RB should be higher. It always takes severly longer than air and naval.


I just enjoy the task better and never really had a problem focusing to get things done in a decent amount of game time. Maybe they could rework it so players can still have a tracker for the 40,000 points while also having tasks in the game and whichever you clear the conditions of first give the mark. But you should also still be able to earn air progress in ground RB. A good bit of players don’t like playing just air battles and events should not be a burden or take people out of their preferred mode for vehicles that can be used in multiple modes.


I like the freedom of play that these current event tasks allow for. I do think that 40k points is a bit excessive. 30k would be more realistic for the average player that has a life and a job.


Separating air from ground was a dirty move, just one of many things they keep changing to make things more difficult for people, RB was great because you could progress both air and ground and now you’re forced into air modes to grind that out if you want those.

Also constantly reducing the rewards but not reducing the grind is a joke.


Also, don’t forget that there used to be Pz.Sp.Wg.P204(f) KwK -style low level reward vehicle for all game modes, now Air and Naval players will only get useless junk if you have no time to grind the main reward.

Merge both Sytems, Score to grind like currently plus optional tasks/challenges to boost progression.

I actually like that idea, an either/or situation . . . whichever gets done first. I preferred the old system, certain set tasks, most were ok & doable in a reasonable amount of time, buuuuuut, they went changing things . . . I can only assume they thought it was “too easy”, when I can’t see that at all. The way things are now, if you play naval, or RB or certain HIGH tiers they give you these crazy multipliers that coddle the few at the cost of the many. I know a guy that does the naval FULL 40,000 in 6 games . . . . 6
I don’t know about anyone else but that seems completely ridiculous. Majority of players get penalized, the word multiplier is just wrong . . . should be called special bonus and penalty . . . because clearly you have to play certain BR/modes to be considered an actual “player”. Current set up does not allow a player to get more than 2 Marks/Stars . . whatever they’re called, in the 2 day period . . some may, but I’ll wager the vast majority of players are happy to get ONE . . . I know I can do one, and sometimes/usually two, but the days of getting all the prizes for these events are gone . . . rest in peace. Not by playing anyway. Oh well, fun while it lasted I guess . . . lol

I disagree. I think best option is to lower the points needed to a reasonable maximum of 30k. And then, let you play freely

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Precisely because you have a job that you are expected to PAY, uni student in their holidays are entirely another thing.

Huh, fair, thought you were the one abusing flag.

That aside, I disagree if ground battle also increase plane score, it’s just unfair for air and naval player who has to grind their stars with no double progress like tanker used to have.

How is it double progress, you were just able to progress both within the same mode, you could do tank stuff in tanks and plane stuff in planes within GRB. Now you only get tank progress.

No it isn’t.

You get points for every game you play, whether you achieve any task or not.


Yeh that’s the point, you can finish both plane and tank quest by just playing GRB while Air and Naval main has to grind their thing separately.

It’s just coddling for Ground player and not giving any advantage to air and Naval main, I’d say Gaijin made a good decision to remove the ability to gain points for both air and tank by just playing GRB.

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You sure? Pretty much all the addition and balancing as of now has been one to patch ground battle to be more playable while air top tier and axis mid tier are still suffering 101, talk about coddling.

“Gaijin Events Mission points system is boring and worse than task system”

Yes, but is waaay more profitable. Capitalism 101

40K is jut too much for me, but I have a job and family so I suppose it works as intended.

Your complaint is that air can only complete their tasks in air and it would be coddling if air would also be possible in ground and naval whilst reducing the ability for ground and naval to use air to score point… ?
I assume English isn’t your main language but this conversation isn’t really going anywhere if you’re arguing against your own best interest.

Yeah, super messed up you have to do the same thing as ground and naval whilst actively arguing against the thing that would change that.

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You do understand that it just opens up another option for air whilst taking it away from ground players, right? How dense are you?