Gaijin, either rework bomber gameplay properly or just straight up remove bombers from the game

Nowadays, there’s literally 0 reason to take bombers in air or even the ground mode. Bases take forever to respawn and you can never bomb the airfield, ground battles have literally no bombing targets, bases barely even drain tickets, strike aircrafts oftentimes just steal bases then leave you with 0 bases to bomb. I can’t point out more just how sad of a state bombers are. I started playing them before, because I like to play a support kind of role in the game, but you’re literally gimping your team more than supporting them by playing bombers. At the very least add back the ability to destroy airfields on any maps.


In ground RB? I see lots of bombers, especially PE8/Lancasters early in game using their giant ass bombs to delete entire teams or clear caps. Other than that the Arados 234 are crazy effective with their speed and bombsight if you use them right.

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  • I bomb and get my airfield bombed regularly.
  • The bases and the ground targets are how the mission tickets are counted. That is why 1 last bomber can win games against a bunch of sweaty fighter players.
  • The MM is pretty good about balancing the classes in games (usually). Most times, there is an equal number of bombers on each team doing bomber things.
  • If you lose the air superiority fighter fight, that is just on your skill issues, not what other players are doing.

That’s about the only bomber that is worth it in GRB

Bomber Gameplay is dead.

You are competing with Strike aircraft that will outrun you thanks to their airspawn and their bombload is enough to kill the base.

Aside from that your AI gunners are, even if you Ace the crew and max the skill level dumb, deaf and blind. They’ll open fire only if the enemy fighter is about to attempt to land on your wings and even then they’ll underperform.
It would be a different story if they were as competent as the AI Gunners the Navy has.

The Bomber gameplay has been an issue for quite a while and while spading the Pe-8 is not that difficult, the Lancaster already is due to its BR. If you then try that with the B-29 or the TU-4 then you’ll mostly die without having bombed anything due to the Attackers taking bases…and you can mark them as much as you want, people will take what they can get.

So yes, I think Bomber gameplay needs to be (heavily) reworked, just as much as Air RB in general, or they need to be made available with low repair cost and low module research costs.

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Not sure how it is in lower ranks but at top tier / mid tier bombing bases doesnt do anything to tickets.

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And then there’s people like me who attempts to use the Tu-4 at BR 8.7, which leads to me getting oneshotted by ground to air missiles every game.

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