Gaijin can you do something about KA50 SPAM in every battle?

If Sweden is so good why my BVM which was my 1st 11.7 tank (so I played worse than now) is sitting at 66% win ratio ? and my STRV on 56 % ?

lmao imagine thinking you can counter a ka50 with a roof MG

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rush KA 50s? of course you can , did it plenty of times, well as long as you arent french poor french…

No lmao. Any smart Ka50 pilot can easily kill you at ranges that exceed your MG. They can also just outmaneuver you. Helicopters win that engagement 9/10 when the heli isn’t a bad pilot.

You’re doing the classic “I base my entire worldview and ALL of my opinions on what I personally observe, meaning I just kill bad players and then think that is representative of the game”

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Ok so u play vs idiots who fly low , meet KA50 on 500 m then try to hit it with MG :) He will hit you easy as its locked shooting 30mm

still doable it aint that hard

Lets go custom game I take my KA50 , you will show me ok ?

got better things to do, besides that it is a team effort countering the rushers with focused fire, it still is a skill issue since the first person needs to be aware of them to focus fire. Pumas and ifvs being strong repelent in a match as well

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Everyone complaining and then there is me either going for main gun, commander MG or just bringing out the trusty LAV-AD (even at 11.7) on heli prone maps. I mean, solution is in the team, people just don;t use it.

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I do that quite a lot, it is really easy. :D

They always rush in at low altitudes and unless the entire team is completely deaf, they usually end up with zero kills.

Ah yes, the Su-25K of GFRB.

Yet your K:D in Sweden is almost double. Win rate doesnt mean a lot in warthunder. If I want to win battles I play on the NA server but my K:D goes down. If I want to farm K:D but risk losing more I play on the EU Server.

You can artificially inflate win rates by also spawning a tank at the end of a battle you know you will win. That tank takes a win and does nothing.

My Russian Sweden lineup is the same. More wins with Russia but better efficiency with Sweden, the win% is mostly determined by 1DL commonly found among NATO players.

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I will in fact tell you to spawn SPAA because

1: you can lock it with Type 81C
2: you don’t get to complain but not even try to take them down


If you can not beat them, join them.

Sound contains crude language, be warned.

Had the most retarded encounter on Carpathia last night. 2 Ka50s rushed, killed a few and camped above spawn. Farmed a dozen of us, and the game was over in 3 minutes. Enemy team ran into all 3 points, unimpeded.

I just kill them with an aircraft, usually an F-16.
I tend not to die to Ka-50s tho since they don’t have thermals to spot me.

My best anti air i have is the SA heil

And then ka-52 flies 100m above ground and you can’t shoot it even in 500m range

Long ago Russian heli rush clowns cried about M830A1 that stop them completely and after that M830A1 got nerfed to the ground for some reason geez… if not handheld Russian clowns what I should call? so bring back M830A1 damage might help this but gaijin will never do that because it the thing that hurt their little Russians

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Problem however is that the Kamovs have more armor than the standard heli, so a .50 cal takes alittle more effort to drop it, which can result in you two killing eachother as a result.