Gaijin can you do something about KA50 SPAM in every battle?

Game is becoming even more one sided currently . Forget about T80`s eating shots for free into the side , now KA50 spam is new meta . On start of every battle there is at least 3 KA50 spamming their 30mm from 500m . Every single match looks like that , once they are done most of them has at least 1 frag and 2-3 assits. Then they spawn again in KA50 / 52 with Vihrs to finish the job.

PLEASE dont tell me to spawn SPAA , its useless and cant even lock into KA50 (Im playing Japan)

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the new type 81C literaly has the new optical lock system that counters the DIRCCM system of the KA 50 to track them from further away

Does not change a thing , if I get one of those games they dont spawn , I`m useless . When u spawn heli your always have targets no matter what.

1st spawn heli should not be a thing , PERIOD. Same as you can spawn CAS as 1st spawn.

I`m sick of it that one nation win ratio is 70% and others 50%

well u gotta choose a topic, is your problem now first spawn helis or fighting ka 50s with japan ?

countering first spawn helis is skill issue, thats what roof mounted mgs are for and can easily be solved with awareness.

Ka 50 vikhers can easily be countered with the new type 81C spaa which is realy strong and has good missles

If it’s been in the sale, then of course it will be spammed. It’s the most OP premium in game

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Bro , you have 3000 battles with 49% win ratio , KA50 shoot down with mg while its on 500/600m + height , please show me how you do it .

Vihrs have 8km up to 10km range , and type 81C has 6KM please explain how u counter it ?

10km, but yeah, few can counter it.


Ok here we go , ok 6/10 battles there is KA50 spam , if I spawn SPAA I`m useless 40% of the time. Happy ?

seems like lack of skill, i play at that br range as well and i dont have those problems and you have the better spaa

Words matter. I know that in 2023 we will take more time to express ourselves correctly but still. You make a subject, do it correctly

Bro how you can speak of skill issue when u have 49% win ratio . kekw

looks like an 82% to me

ups wrong one

still 50%

Really , you play at 11.0 + and you dont see a problem with helicopter spam at beggining of battles ? That there is only russian helis dominating , its havig best heli which is really hard to counter ? I Guess we play diffirent game then

still stands japan has a great spaa at that tier better then rolands and your win ratio is boosted with playing the best ground line up of sweden


Ahahaha good one man , i have 55% win ratio on sweden , while 66% on russians… Please explain then

no i jsut wanted to say thats why your win rate in general is boosted compared to me, when you literaly are playing the best line ups, saying that didnt hell proofing your skill. it is knowing when to use spaa and when you are one u actively help your team stay safe and lead to victory, you might not like spaa playstyle but someone gotta do it is a honorable duty, personaly i love swatting out helis and planes from the air

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Again I`m not here to compete with some stats , game is BIASED towards russian equipment , not that they have tanks that dont take side shot dmg , not they also have KA50 , most op heli that on top of that was put on SALE , so even more people have it and spam it .

the Ka 50 is by far not as bad as it once was thankfully, it was hit by multiple nerfs, still annoying but manaegable, japan propably has the best 10.3 spaa capable with dealing the KA50, the optical tracking fire and forget missles are realy strong