Gaijin! Can you add something for USA too for once except premiums?

It’s crazy how every nation got something new in the last update, but somehow USA still didn’t get anything to use in top tier, is the game not taking sides or is gaijin anti-american.

It’s hard to notice since now the ADATS is quite useless against the new russia’s missiles, can gaijin add something for USA that’s literally good and can help the winrates go up.


adats is able to intercept them there is bugreport about it being unable to lock the atgm but you can do it without the lock aswell

you can’t, ADATS is not equipped with such thing.

USA is one of the biggest and fullest trees there is.

What is the issue? Its one of the biggest fullest nations in the game for the biggest market.
Who would actually pay $60 for a virtual vehicle they don’t even own? Why Americans obviously

You keep buying they will keep selling.


who told such a lie? the most useless MBTs with a 40 year old armor, most useless SPAA, a load of premiums that keep draging the winrates down so why gaijin keep adding alot of premiums to USA?


Marking down every America player as a premium vehicle simp is quite silly, especially when a lot despise them. Speaking from experience as someone who used to main the US and now mains a nation that gets stuck with them far more than I’d like, it’s infuriating how the good players are bogged down by people who can only think with their wallets…

That aside, the US tree along with a few others could definitely use more AA. XM-1108 w/ improved chapparal MIM-72G missiles + Hellfires/Zuni pods could work wonders, not to mention all the LAV variants they’re missing and other auxiliary vehicles… It’s just as bad that 90% of their high-tier lights are event vehicles, and the one that isn’t is the dictionary definition of inconsistent.

XM1808 MIM-72 Roadrunner


I have eyes brother and I play the same game. I also play every nation and see the gaps in many of them. Not USA.

l’m not the one paying $60 for a pack. So who is ? Any bets its the USA rather than the third world?

USA is one of the big 3 ,zero doubt about that. BR is what screws the USA over as far as I can see not choice of vehicles.

Wish US air got something because my exp goes to waste when I play it :(

That’s the problem, Gaijin busy adding more and more premiums to USA to make them more and more money but the idea of fixing USA and adding tech tree tanks and spaas to come to their minds is absolutely madness, so USA’s tech tree is full yes! but with most useless things ever that are draging down winrates more and more.


I hope we get more tech tree light tanks and support vehicles in the 8.x - 10.x area, I’m a little worried about light tank prospects for the US since we have the CCVL, AGS, and XM8 as event vehicles.

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We got the 120S and a trick looking new heli. Unfortunately we didn’t get what we needed the most, some balance at top tier but hey everyone should be used to losing while using US vehicles by now it’s been several years.

Lol, notice that gaijin quietly has added a Rank VIII premium (F-20A) for a mind numbing $75. They knew $80 was too obvious. What has happened to the promise that there will never be top rank premiums, gaijin? If we do not say anything, watch them add many more of these in the next update. I bet they are itching to have that $80. These prices are getting ridiculous. The more crap you add, the lower one should get cheaper (at least a bit), not just the top get more expensive.
The whole event cycle has switched to higher ranks for better point multiplier. Gaijin themselves devalued Rank II, III and even IV vehicles, but still asks the same price when there were just FOUR ranks. This is not right.


Im interested to know who is buying them at that price and why.


N00bs with mom’s wallet.

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Have you seen the average age of the players on here? Its not children

adults have the disposable cash and credit facilities.

No worry. America has many experimental light tanks to be in game. Just worry about SPAAs, America have few to choose.

That’s what I said “mom’s wallet.” The whole point of the promise to not have top rank premiums was, so new players cannot just get to the top by simply opening their mom’s wallet. This is a slap in the face of the seasoned players who sometimes spend years to get to the top rank.

“few to choose”

T69 MGMC (4x .50s, greyhound chassis)

T77E1 MGMC (6x .50s, chaffee chassis)

T100 MGMC (4x .60s, walker bulldog chassis, radar)

T52 MGMC (Sherman with 1x 40mm and 2x .50cal in ball turret)

M2 Halftrack [Elco Thunderbolt] (4x 20mm+ 2x .50 on M2 Halftrack)

M114A2 (M114 hull with Hispano-Suiza 20mm, similar to other 5.3 Hispano 20mm AA in Japan and France)

M113A1 HS.820 (M113 with 3x Hispano-Suiza 20mm)

M19 [M51 Skysweeper] (75mm Skysweeper autoloaded gun on M19 chassis, HE-VT)

RADUSTER (Duster with radar)

T249 Vigilante (37mm rotary cannon)

XM246 (35mm KDAs on Patton chassis much closer together than Gepards, more effective than M247 “Sergeant York” in trials)

AN/TWQ-1 Avenger (4-8x stingers + .50 cal on Humvee)

GLAADS (2x 25mm Bushmaster, thermals, on Bradley chassis)

LAV Blazer (LAV-AD with 4x Mistral, and radar)

Centurion C-RAM (Phalanx CIWS on HEMTT)

M-SHORAD (30mm non-rotary autocannon, 4x Stinger missiles, 2x AGM-114L(possibly better?))

Avenger II (1x 25mm Gast gun, 4x stingers, thermals on a Humvee)

Bradley [Chaparral] (4x whatever missile the Chaparral has access to, much better protection)

XM1108 w/“Advanced Chapparal” (4x MIM-72 + 2x Hydra pods or 2x AGM-114, or 6x MIM-72)

And that’s not even every SPAA they could add lol


The abrams series is still one of the better MBT at toptier unless you’re seriously trying to claim its worse than the challengers ariete or leclerc

ah, I mean top SPAA. AGM-114L isn’t really a good choice even with Vt fuse(I think I read it in a article), is it?

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