Gaijin can we please get kab 500kr on su22?

@Stona_WT since we know the german su22m4 had kab 500kr and we also have them in game, why cant we get them?
Its quite restricting to be limited to just the kh29Ts with the bad seeker while other 11.0 dedicated strike aircraft get so much more… not to even mention the f16, a fighter, having more AGMs. (I dont want them taken away i just want the su22m4 to get the bombs.)
Id seriously love it if the new update included this. If be so grateful to the devs, theyre really trying


We even had it as a suggestion on russuan forum

Here’s the Russian loadouts image:



In English:



Another source for good measure:



(from link)

also why can we not mount the kh-25 along with the kh-29T?

Did Germany have Kh-25 and Kh 29TD, as well as KAB-500Kr in their hands? Kh-25 only appeared for export in 1992, Kh-29 was used by East Germany, however source i found doesnt state which variant to be exact. Didnt found info about Kab-500Kr, as it was accepted in 1984, so might never been in hands of East Germany.

even if not su-17 should have it since that is russian. but neither su-17 nor su-22 have it
ill check if germany had kab 500kr but lets not worry. if Mig-29G can have R-27ER and ET, su-22 can have Kab-500Kr

I guess so, but that logic can be controversial in community, I would say its balance exception for Mig-29G which should be done, if you apply that logic too much people will start asking for all kind of things planes can in theory mount.

yeah but the poor Su-17/22’s need this little bit of love, especially at 11.0

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Su series of planes need love and recognition in WT in general.

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Kh-29TE is 2001

Because at the moment, the way TV weapons are setup is a little weird, there’s currently no way of stopping the player from using the Kh-29T sight as a laser designator for the Kh-25’s.

is that OP?
the Mig-27 has a full on optics sight for the kh-25, i doubt its to do with that

Ah so its a no?

It doesn’t matter

But it just straight up means East Germany never got it due to reasons.

Gaijin doesn’t care, if they want, they will ad whatever they decided

sadly thats possible, but i still hope gaijin gives it to the Fitter

Its unrealistic is why.

not really.
just because gaijin cant model view restrictions dosent give them the right to take away weapons loadouts

Rights don’t really come into it.