Gaijin "balance" at 11.0 Air RB

@Stona_WT @Smin1080p

You guys seems to completely ignore the obvious major problem with your game.
How you suppose 11.0 jets should play against 11.3+ while they mostly not have PD radars and all-aspect missiles? Even inside 11.0 there is very major difference between jets. And additionaly your genius balancer throw 11.3+ on it almost without a chance to do anything.

Just a quick example - premium F-104, which fly like a brick, not have PD radar or All-aspect missiles, not even have a proper RWR against Mig-23 (which is least deadly of 11.3+ enemies). It have ZERO chances. That’s what i’m paid for?! Really?!?! And this trash happens about 70% of all games. FIx this!!!

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