Gaijin are u crazy? giving Russians invisible spalliners on 10.0?

Gaijin, how can it be that a 10. 0 tank with the Russians when you shoot it into the sprocket, comes out with 10 times less splinter than when you shoot an abrams into the sprocket?
Why is your game based on such a Russian bias that you inhibit the splintering effect on Russians by invisible spalliner? I can not even shoot anymore from the side clever one?

Are here people who have noticed the object 292, T80 BVM and much more what does not have spalliner and still get just as little damage as if they had any

Even in the shooting protection analyze the 3BM60 has much more splinters and does much more damage to a M1A2 then when you shoot at a T80 BVM etc.

For example: Shooting on and BVM, Object 292 and M1A2 SEPv2 with the 3BM60 round:


Because you shot through the fuel tank.

The M1 has a steel plate surrounding the fuel tank.

Take a Leopard 2K and shoot it through the fuel tanks along the flanks, you’ll get the same result as on Russian MBT’s.

i see your point, but u need to notice that it is even on the side of the object 292:
i just shot a bit wider in the front of the object to shot u how less the splintering of the object is

no abrams can survive a shot from anywhere and also the fuel tanks aren’t modeled right.


Theres an carousel armour that you can see as you hit it, which absorbs spall, creates some in smaller arc, wait scratch that, some spall is simply hitting the rounds.

idk where u see a carousel amor, that is just the
Horizontal aming drive? maybe u can explain me better what and where the carousel amour is that absorbs spalls.
In addition, I’m not talking about the armor that intercepts the spalls, But that at first no splitter arise, you understand?

as u also can see: even in the T90M there arise way way more splinters than in the object 292:

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On your pre last screenshot you can see by red dots the spot where initial spall hits autoloader armour.
Then autoloader armour makes some spall upon being penetrated, part of said spall hits the ammo.

T-90M has lower autoloader armour as the whole autoloader is lower than T-80 style one, which 292 has a redesign of.

the red dots not mean that there is amour, the red dots just mean that they hit/damaged smth, for example when u hit the ammo from the leo 2a7v

also if u look right u can clearly see that the object 292 does not have autoloader amour


That’s not a spall liner, that’s mild steel for the munition storage.

As you can see, all the fragments are still present.
A spall liner reduces the fragments.

Red dots as spall hitting the walls, let me just show since you cant get what i meant.

Autoloader armour on T-series is still not shown in X-ray, however in armor analysis you can see it getting outlined the moment it is hit.

Excuse me for poor quility, I have drawn it with my left arm, my main arm is hurt lately.

All fine, i get what u mean, but isnt that so that amour shouldnt reduce spalls?

Because if it goes through the amour, there should arise new splinters or not?

Like it does in the abrams second amor behind the fuel tank yk?

Its fucking insane that all spalls just fly into the front like theres a spallliner, i barely can oneshot objects with a Strv 122 when i shoot into the hull…

Later Russian tanks are notorious for their thin armor plates that happen to be the right size to absorb all spall while not creating any when penetrated


Like you can see autoloader armour creating spall, its just that it’s right away hits the ammo before it can go wider arc.

In this caseit’s thick enough to create it, but huge rounds take amount of spall before it can go wider.

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Who needs spall liners when Russian tanks get fuel tanks everywhere?

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yea not buying it russians get tech they never had but merkava and abrams both cant stop 50 year old KE rounds?

is this just to get people to argue to mine for classified info?

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Yeah then tell me why does the ammo not explode when i hit it?

Like in 3 shots…
Only in one, does the amor explode…

Maybe iz stopps the spalls, but it should explode then…

Because in game practically all ammo doesnt have 100% chance of explosion, which has been datamined.