Gaijin are u crazy? giving Russians invisible spalliners on 10.0?

Oh yeah I forgot about how fuel vapor is entirely inert even after its gushing all over your autoloading mechanism, live shells, and gun

(Diesel is hard to ignite, diesel vapor very much isn’t)

weird how everything about the russians tanks are always tried to be explained away

despite basically being ww2 tanks at this point today

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un-shielded fuel tanks like on the Russian tanks does detonate in game

Yeah i noticed that allready, in many cases it is just the russians where the ammo does not explode, like when i shot a leo into the hull and he carries ammo in the hull storage, it burns down like hiroshima…

And on the other hand russian ammo eats like 200 shots before it explodes…
I know it because i played them, and also played against them…
I grinded the whole russian, german and swedish tree, but at the end, the russians ate the most shots when i played with them AND against them…

t-34 driver hatch too

Sometimes, but it isn’t very reliable and if it doesn’t detonate it doesn’t really do much

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Well I can asure you it is not like that.
I have played on russian and not tanks as well.
What I found out is more ammo you hit is bigger the chance.
And Leopard 2 has it all lined up to hit several in hull.
Whule if you shoot T-80 there you usually hit one.
I can give you examples of me hitting one ammo on T-72M-1 and exploding it and hitting STRV-122A ammo one by one without any going off.

In other words if you are going for ammo rack make sure to hit several.
But even then its not guaranteed, I had almost all of Tiger 2 ammo rack disappear as i was playing some of Italian solid shot.

In more other words shooting ammo in this game is a pure ahhh lottery.

Not to mention, this should require time to clean up too, shouldn’t it?

I can’t imagine the autoloader likes having several mangled rounds sitting there, it seems like it might struggle to correctly function since they’d all be well outside of tolerance.

The only way it will struggle to function is if the mechanism lifting the rounds is hit, which is right behind a breach so at this point you’re already hitting the breach.

Doesn’t it have to spin the carousel around too?

it keeps being a mayor trade off, there are plenty of instances where you will get kill by poorly aimed shots, that would otherwise do little or nothing on a shielded fuel tank.

That is just as a small mechanism as the turret drive on modern MBTs.
Pretty sure center down area of soviet autoloader has something that is vital for works of systems but its like powering thermals, search lights, not the autoloader itself, as the autoloader on T-80s is mechanical, not electrical like on T-72/90

I mean that If a bunch of rounds on the carousel get messed up, isn’t it likely that they might jam the carousel and stop it from spinning around?

Maybe you’d have one in the chamber and one more in the carousel that the autoloader can reach, but the carousel its self would probably be out of action and not able to spin freely anymore

I mean, HEAT isn’t even modeled properly in game, what do you expect, let alone ammo detonation.

That wouldnt stop it from functioning, maybe it would stop it from you putting it inside the breach but at that point crew itself can tell something is wrong with it.
Autoloader itself inside, behind the armour has it’s bins which arent closed everywhere sp theres a lot of dead space if round gets disformed.
Autoloader itself isnt weak as well, especially the system responsible to rotation of the carousel, as that can be performed quite fast by it, considering the weight of all the rounds and mechanism, thats pretty tough.



Some images of T-64 autoloader, its earlier models which lack autoloader armour but bins are there.

T-80 autoloader is hydraulically powered, partially mechanical, but powered by hydraulic lines.



Idk it just seems like a jamming risk if a round or directly hit by a dart or something

See: crappy drawing

*Not loader, ammo spindle or whatever it’s called

I know, but in context of T-72/90, its called mechanical, hydromechanical is better word for it.
Still is my mistake, you’re correct

Doesn’t do that, it does one of two things, blows the hell up, or just punches a hole straight through. The mechanism itself is very small.

Yes, T72/90 uses an electromechanical loader, with servos and lift motors.