Gaijin add new stuff/ some ideas I have

Everyone knows of the 3.7br bomber from the Germany tree known as the BV 238 while it may be okay i feel like it’s weaker than when it was first brought in like the bomb load not having any customization of other loads only the one it has a long with easily being destroyed by one or two 20mm hits which everyone has when it’s literal a boat with wings a heavy ass boat that should be able to withstand up to at most 40mm. Anywho in real life there is tech of planes that haven’t been implemented ones not even that op and are older versions of the modern ones an example being the ac 130 gunship modern compared to the first model precursor to it known as the c-47 sky train that had the left rear panel removed to allow a machine gunner lots of fire angles something as simple as that for say 2.7-3.0 br or other large bombers with lots of turrets on them that can tank a few solid rounds and not be easily torn to bits.

Or even add in the upgrade to the bv-238 that allows the user to have the other version the bv-250 which is basically the bv-238 but can land on runways and not on water to make it more useful especially for when rearming it in a realistic battle as most times your dead before hand or if you are alive your better off doing gun runs then rearming and for such a large plane it would be nice to have other payloads like say large agms that are wing mounted or can be dropped from the center hull in some way or even an upgrade for more turrets to be installed at the cost of speed same with more armor in return for less speed and or climb and turn rate just anything to make bombers better especially from 3.7-11.0.

Another idea a crazy one hybrid planes that you can manual research like say I had a bv 238 researched and then got the meserchmit the first one i would have the tech unlocked for jet power even if it’s early it would be nice to now go back to the BV and gain a new tech I can unlock for it called experimental jet engines which is basically the meserchmits jet engine replacing the bv’s and over time of use you can upgrade and tune it to be better by having it equipped gaining data on what needs to be fixed which will then let you research new tech for that plane and this can go for any plane all except reserve and adding this new tech will shift it’s br up slightly by no more than 1br like say the BV with jets would go up to 4.7 which would almost always get up tiered to 5.0-5.7 and this can go for more than just engines lil better guns and turrets, payloads etc.

OP criticizes the BV 238 bomber in a game for its lack of customization and vulnerability to damage. They propose various improvements including historical upgrades, additional payloads, and a concept of unlocking technology for multiple planes.