G[ai]round realistic battles

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I said Riot but I meant Gaijin, my bad XD.

He was playing the game.

You are playing the minigame where you drive around in a tank before Gaijin lets you spawn a plane.

SMH skill issue


Obviously you dodged the issue at hand.
We were playing the game, he just happens to spoil a broken mechanism in the game, where he can spawn a plane and singlehandedly destroy an entire team. if you and him and all the others who enjoy Air just love planes that much, Air battles exist for a reason. and there is a reason why it is called Ground battles.

This is not a skill issue. it would be a skill issue if he won that game in a tank vs tank battle where the better team wins which wasn’t the case.

I understand and agree with you. However, what is to be done about it? Tens of thousands of messages have been sent on this forum, going nowhere. I get a laugh where I can.


After hundreds of closed threads on the subject of CAS, even the last one should slowly realise that not much will change. Either you change the way you play or you don’t … in the end it’s up to you. I wouldn’t expect much from the snail.


That is very sad to hear really, this game could be far better really.

I need to be more chill. I can’t just take everything in a serious way i assume XD

Not being able to play a game as it exists, and instead demanding it be different is pretty much the textbook example of a “skill issue”.


I have adapted my playing style after consulting with other players here in the forum. Since then, the topic of CAS has become one that I can deal with.
No question tank only mode would be nice to have. But I won’t believe it until it happens.
Why get worked up for so long?
There is a very simple way to solve problems …


Your argument is, at its base level flawed.

Let us say that a game exists which, when you click on the friends’ wishlist while in a match, superimposes the hanger UI over your vehicle and deletes the cursor. Oh wait, that’s war thunder.

Sure it’s a bug but it still falls under your definition.

Some gameplay design decisions are not as good as other gameplay design decisions.

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I only just asked for a solution to the air dominance, which is just limit it with a timer, not remove it entirely.

stop spewing the word skill issue when it obvs is not about skill at all.

It does, nowadays I just played 8-10 matches and close the game, more games if I hadn’t get bombed by CAS like twice every matches. Hadn’t spend any cash since year ago, used to be a medium sized whale that spent thousand, I would still buy but I don’t enjoy playing as much as before.

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it is WAY too easy to spawn a plane in GRB

CAS needs to be nerfed in about 10 different ways… but they wont because gaijin loves making people suffer and loves money… and the people who abuse CAS know it is over powered and have Very little counter play, so they buy premiums and use air to pub stomp


They aren’t going to change the balance of SP or remove aircraft from ground battles. I know the SP side because I personally made a spreadsheet that redistributed SP costs and they hid the suggestion because it was “wishlisting” and would change the balance. This is a combined arms game, and it will, more than likely, aleays be a combined arms game. Adapt or leave, those are the options.

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He must have also spoiled the broken mechanism of spawning in a tank, singlehandedly kill a handful of enemies, then earning his aircraft.

You were… “Playing the game”…? You effectively drove in circles around your spawn, and by the time you got to A4 this guy already had 3 kills and an aircraft.
Are you just pissed that while he got 3 kills in 12 seconds while you died 5 minutes into the battle with 0 points?

Maybe you should be looking at that Su-85, and not the Wyvern. Maybe then you’ll be able to get 3 kills too.

Better yet, cursing in all chat because other people are playing the game!
I just think that somebody’s angry that in 7 and a half minutes of gameplay, their only points came from taking damage and dying.

Maybe if you had actually played more than 100 vehicles, let alone gotten more than 600 matches, you too would have the skill to do the exact same… Instead, you waste peoples time by coming to the forums, whining for 3 paragraphs, and wasting everybody else’s time by adding another CAS post to the myriad of topics.

Sorry about the “directness”, though, this is seriously a repetitive problem and I’ve started hoarding salt for every post like this.


Dude, yes I died to an SU coz I didn’t expect him to be there by the time i moved my sturer to the position i was taking it to. I wasn’t going on in circles around the spawn i was trying to get to the other side of the map to try and help sniping.

Yes I got mad at the fact that by the time that SU killed me, that guy had already killed enough tanks to render my team useless, mostly in planes.

Once again my issue is not dying to tanks… in fact I enjoy and respect those who kill me. but I highly detest dying to a bomb and then spawn to die to another right next to the spawn in most cases.

Stop dodging the issue i am addressing coz you know too well that CAS are utterly broken in ground battles. and should have a fix and my suggestion is just adding a timer to them.

War Thunder is an airplane game that just happens to have playable ground vehicles (ie; targets) in it.


I wasted my time trying to pull the attention towards an actual issue. Why did I expect that those who enjoy abusing planes would even understand the issue or admit its existence. so far most of your guys have dodged the issue to focus on other things and divert the focus entirely.


Actually… I agree with your premise.
The reality is what I wrote. So either you have to accept that reality and adapt, or… have you heard of GHPC? I hear there is no CAS.
The actual issue is more player balancing, than if there are planes or deathrays in it. That player ran your game, not because they had a plane, but because they probably overmatched the rest of the players, apparently on both teams. Fix that, and you fix a lot of the problems with WT.