FV510 Warrior IFV - Technical Data and Discussion

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Nice picture of production at Telford.


Ok so this plate is missing, and the bulge next to the driver is wrong. Anybody have some more pictures?

These are Desert Warrior hulls, so you might face difficulties using that image as reference for the plain WR

There should be a firewall there like you circled but it was slightly different on the Desert Warrior and the one on FV510 had to be changed for the Warrior CSP when they modified the hulls in the same way to accommodate a larger APU and cooling system there.
I don’t recall what is in the space on the opposite side of that plate on the FV510 but there was a smaller APU there on other Warrior variants (indicated by ducting like this shown on FV515) that the 510s and 511s didn’t have.
Might have just been for stowage


How can you tell? I thought they used the exact same hull, if it is desert warrior then it wont be used, unless they are the exact same hull.

Do we have any pictures or documents? Since a more accurate engine and an extra 5mm~ plate would be very nice to have

The radiator is angled on the bog standard warriors where ass the dw had a more… level radiator to the front plate. Pretty sure that radiator thing is a thing for latter warriors as the same hull shape is found on the Warrior CSP/2

I suspect the radiator might be shaped like that due to kuwaits climate


As @Rambolf said, it’s because the hull slopes up at a continuous angle all the way from the driver’s right to the edge of the vehicle (highlighted in red). And the large rectangular louvre covering the Desert Warrior’s larger twin-fan cooling system and power unit for the air conditioning etc. (highlighted in blue).

With the exception of Warrior CSP production vehicles, on both sides of British Army WR’s front hull there’s a triangle formed where the hull slopes downwards. In Rambolf’s example picture, it’s where the spare roadwheel is mounted (often there’s a spare track link mounted here).

The internal firewall is still there in the pack lift photo I posted before.
Additional image from the same set. The wall is likewise visible, inset of the headlight cluster.

Also visible here and you can see it’s not a straight plate on the 510, which IIRC is why needed to be modified to fit the APU in the CSP

This one doesn’t really show the firewall well but it’s useful for showing the engine is way too small and the radiator modelled in the wrong position


where do you find these daaaamn

Great pictures, I’d never noticed that DW had flat corners. Would be good to get the spare road wheels added ingame for that little bit of extra appliqué.

Questions on the “Chobham” blocks, is it Chobham, is it ROMOR-C, and is it modelled thick enough in game?

in game it is misaligned with the lower frontal plate (the inspection model). Other than that - I don’t know

If you’re talking about the front plate, I have a report going in on that currently because… not all is as it seems.


Side stuff is similar in construction to the front plate

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Ah yes, I forgot about the spacers behind the composite.