The new update and my personal commenrs

So, the new trailer has been released( and i have quite some things to say.
1. my previous predictions
I previously made some predictions on the next update(Future update predictions) and seems like Gaijin is trolling me as none of the videos i predicted were being added(as of right now, no naval updates, no new SPAAS except something resembling a ZSU-23-4(below which i never predicted. Although there definitely would be some things in my prediction which would not be added, a lot of the vehicles I predicted(Modern naval vessels, F-18, Su-33, J-10) which were also highly wanted by the community have no sign of getting added.

2. On the new hungarian air sub tree([Development] The Hungarian Aircraft Line is Coming to the Italian Tree! - News - War Thunder)
Beforre the “sons of attila” update was added, i had no idea about the hungarian army, and although it was 50% copy and paste, the WW2 vehicles from hungary were all really cool(i just simply love the csaba) and was far cooler then i previously thought. However, for the air sub tree, I don’t really feel like it is nessacary. The skins are cool, i’ll give them that, but however literally all of them are copy and paste and none are made by hungary. Overall I love the camos but i don’t think Hungary is a significant enough country or has enough native vehicles to be a sub tree, but I dont have too many problems with it.
3. Other vehicles in devblogs and the trailer that i have comments about

FV721: For whatever reason i always felt like this vehicle needs to be added to WT, and my only concerns are whether it’s high speed will end up annoying people
[Development] VTT DCA: French Meat Chopper! - News - War Thunder
VTT DCA: This likely will be called the baby M50 lol. Not much concerns about it
[Development] [Shop] Pre-Order: Centauro RGO and Strv 121B Christian II - News - War Thunder
Centauro RGO and Strv 121B Christian II:
I am a bit mixed on this one. Firstly i don’t think it deserves that much hate, as both look quite cool and are unique enough to be their own vehichles(In my opinion).
However i also understand why it recieves the hate it gets, as it is still more variants of Leopard 2s and Centauros as a premium. Overall I am still supportive of having them in game.

Yep rank I-III is where the more interesting hungarian planes will be, which will planned to be added later. (At least that what the devblog was referring to) Probably they wanted to fill the gaps of the italian tree, but still a really weird decision to not include any original designs at the debut of the tree.