Further T1 rating changes (each faction's air sim 1.0 - 2.0 fighters review)


first of all, I’m so glad Gaijin fixed T1 Sim… which I kinda requested on the old forum!

You can say that the Snail listened to me :P

I need to explain - at the time where I made the original post, there was a time I’ll call the “Dark Times of T1” where most of iconic and fun 2.0 planes for some reason were uptiered to 2.3, sitting there just alongside the usual good 2.3 planes so obviously noone played most of them.

I see now it finally got reverted and they made 2.0 fun for more nations, instead of only the few that happened to have their 2.0 planes not up-tiered to 2.3. I’m much happier now but I think there’s still room for some refinement!

That’s why I will voice my opinion about ratings of each factions to further improve the experience of my beloved T1!

He 112 A-0 = 2.0 to 1.7
He 112 B-0 and B-1/U2 = 2.3 to 2.0
I love that iconic 2.0 planes are back and there’s even a new BF for 1.7! So the dark times for Germany’s T1 is over… well, they are back except the He-112… You see, previously I requested the mono-cannon version to be 2.0 and it got moved to 2.0! But now I kinda have another vision for it.

So, since there are good fighters avaible for 2.0 Germany now, the He-112 B-0 should be brought back to 2.0 too where it belongs. It’s a perfect fun, pre-war 2.0 plane imo. These MG FF cannons arent that damaging really like the ones with better ammo and there are now way more 2.0 cannon planes. He-112 fans aren’t pleased and they often play low tier just to fly this plane as I often saw. A lot of people think they’re very cute xD

I also played the mono-cannon version and it was pretty hard to hit something with it… you know what, I think He-112 should be back to 2.0 and the mono-cannon fits for 1.7! Yeah, on the 1.0 - 1.7 bracket, I would pick the mono cannon one for fun xD I see this unique version as a perfect fit for 1.7.

P-36C = 2.3 to 2.0
P-36G = 2.7 to 2.3
Soo, they didn’t have any real power back then and out of blue, I see now the P-400 is 2.0 :O
I totally wouldn’t quess it honestly, it’s nice but I’ll still stand with what I wrote before…
That I don’t know why P36-C is 2.3 and not 2.0. It’s the most 2.0 plane there can be. Now since P-400 is 2.0 too, I dont see a reason to still hold back P36-C at 2.3.

Aaaand, I will mention something higher tier now because I need to comment on this - at 2.7 there are a lot of good planes already like P-40 or Ki-61 so IMO P-36G should be at 2.3, its not really a great 2.7 plane. So a natural progress would form, with each version being slightly higher - A at 1.7, C at 2.0 and G at 2.3.

They were always a strong T1 faction in the dark times, I just once thought that it would be so cool if the first LAGG got to 2.0 because simply there are much better 2.3 versions so the first one is simply not gonna be used at all other than a necesary grind but I didnt even mention it in my thread because I thought it getting downtiered was unrealistic but damn, it’s 2.0 now! I’m very happy that this happened, it’s a very good plane now and for sure some people come to T1 to fly it and more people is always nice.

Very strong, no changes needed and now it finally stopped being the only faction with powerful planes lol (They and USSR reallly dominated the skies of the Dark Times)

C.200 serie 7 = 2.3 to 2.0
Back then, their iconic T1 planes were… 2.3 for some reason xD Alongside the powerful C.202 so ofc noone flew these oddities. In my original post I requested G 50 AS Serie 7 to be on its place - at 2.0, as its again the most 2.0 plane to exist lol. It got brought back to 2.0 finally buuut, for some reason C200 serie 7 is still 2.3 when it’s again - the most 2.0 plane to exis xD Overall it’s a very balanced faction with Re.2000 being a nice turn-fighter but that requires people to know how to use the Italian 12mm guns, average people will have a hard time destroying someone but I saw a good shooter scoring some kills.

Fine! Well, kinda - see below.
France had a very shiny moment during the dark times because their planes were the very few ones that had a cannon at 2.0 or even 1.7. So, now the French players will obviously have a harder time at T1 xD That’s why I honestly see them better at 1.0 - 1.7 bracket, where they still have a cannon advantage without facing the new good 2.0 planes.

And Potez even has two cannons with more ammo which makes it a very good bomber hunter and game winner. Previously I saw people flying it at 2.0 with sucess but now, it fierces way better planes so I’d fly the 1.7 version at its mentioned bracket.

Also, despite its tiny guns, the 1.7 H-75A1 flies pretty well, actually much better than the cannon-owning M.S.405 but the guns are veeery bad. Ohhh, I didn’t see this before! Now I know what could bring something fresh to their T1 experience!

Change H-75A-4 from 2.3 to 2.0!
These 7mms guns honestly are awful. France has two pretty good 2.3 cannon-using fighters. I’m pretty sure 99,9% of people will fly them at 2.3 instead of A-4.
If some mad-lad gonna actually fly this fighter for its relatively good performance, make it 2.0, the boosted amount of bad guns + it’s good flying experience could actually make for a fun gameplay, honestly not that much people gonna use it anyway but at least someone might fly it.

Great Britain
Fine! I got one unrealistic idea though :D
Well, in the dark times and kinda now aswell, the iconic Hurricane was one of the main T1 fighters that people were playing. I quess you can call them Hurricane fans :D
Honestly, nothing can be said about GB, they have Hurricanes and some fine early bombers as Gaijin sees the first Spitfire as the typical 2.3 plane.

However, I’ve got a fun thought experiment for their major T1 fighter buff, listen to this:

It would be a crazy idea to set the first Spitfire model to 2.0, Spitfire fans would come to T1 to play their beloved Spitfire at 2.0! I honestly don’t see it as that outstanding compared to some of the better 2.0 planes like Bf109E-1 or J22-A, it would IMO fit uhh.

And you might say, the Hurricane is also the most 2.0 fighter plane to exist… but if Spitfire was 2.0, Hurricane would get a bit outperformed I quess. So it’d be a fun idea if Hurricane got a 1.7 rating…

Because I said Hurricane is a 2.0 classic but forget the Spitfire idea now and let’s focus on Hurricane only and its potential 1.7 - I gotta say I honestly mostly saw people didn’t have the best stats in it, I mean in Hurricane - top T1 aces were usually flying in something else and I never saw a Hurricane ace.

I remember it being a bit chonky, I can see it actually shining in the 1.0 - 1.7 bracket.
Especially now it has to feel worse to fly it than before in the dark times as it got much more powerful enemies at 2.0.
I saw Brits only flying 1.3 Gladiators in this bracket, it’s fun ofc but remember they can get dived on by a MiG, meet Bf-109 C-1 or Swedish J-20 so Hurricane at 1.7 isnt that unrealistic but I doubt Gaijin would actually change it, so GB will remain a bit stale faction when you look at their T1 fighters and with many Soviets and German fighter pilots, they aint gonna be that much Brits because of this.

Fine! Well, V-12D (strike) could go from 2.3 to 2.0.
They were the fun T1 faction, being able to fight with Swedish planes at least during the dark times xD … untill Gaijin said nope and for some reason, they got their fighters changed to 2.3 and even 2.7 LMAO. It was veery random and that’s when Chinese users at T1 ended existing.

Now I see their classic CW-21 is back at 2.0, ufff… and they get the I-153 M-62 the best bi-plane and the best fighter in the game that always has multiple kills no matter the tier XD I believe it can dodge guided missiles too XD

I really didn’t comment on bombers or strike aircraft as I dont know much about them but I see V-12D deserves to be at 2.0? V-11 is 1.7 and I think it would help Chinese players with some farming for the rare players who are going to use this strike aircraft.

Oh boy, they might have the worst T1 - only shooting with double 7mms.

Ok I dont remember but I believe that A6MN-2 was 2.3 and I remember writing something about that a goddamn hydro-plane should be at 2.0 even if it has cannons because honestly, I didnt see people flying it at 2.3 lol. However, I didn’t write it in that original thread so I’m not sure if it wasn’t at 2.0 already but I think it wasn’t because I remember thinking and seeing that the very rare T1 Japanese players were only flying with 1.3 Ki-27 otsu and they didnt have any better armed fighters so I’d remember if they had a fighter with cannons.

But hmmm, maybe I wrote it about N1K1 though that not a sane person would use it above 2.0 when its now at 2.7, idk honestly, I might be wrong on this. I doubt N1K1 would be downtiered to 2.0 though so maybe that’s why I didnt mention it, idk. If it had 2.0, A6MN2 would have to be 1.7.
These Hydroplanes fly in a rather slow and awwkard way and despite the cannons, I actually don’t see them played often… and when they do, they’re heavily focused because everyone from far away recognised this shape and knows they’re the enemy Japanese fighters and go for them.
N1K1 at 2.0 would be a far better approach but if the A6MN2 is at 2.0 and N1K1 2.7, I dont see Gaijin would suddenly buff them like that.

But in my original thread I mention that Japan should have a normal 2.0 fighter plane.
They’re forced to use that poor 1.3 Ki-27. Gaijin for some reason sees these 12mms as a stuff of 2.3+ only…

I say, let’s give Japan’s 2.0 one of their turnfighters! Honestly, at 2.3 they have the ultra performing Ki-44-I. Their weird zoom sight is not the best so it’s a good counter-balance for it on sim… soo, there’s the Ki-43 left.

Ki-43 also have the weird zoom-sight as I remember so keep this in mind… and I know Ki-43-I is one of tightest turn-fighters in the game. People sometimes pick it at 2.3 to annoy players but honestly, it’s a rather slow target. Honestly, it would be a fun counter to the mentioned OP Soviet 2.0 biplane XD

It starts with double 7mms and can upgrade to double 12mms… well, it’d be one of the funnier 2.0 fighters and would change a lot for Japan there. I quess a lot of people would come to T1 to fly it at 2.

It’d just for Jpaan to have their “fun 2.0” airplane too cause every faction has some sort of “cool/main” 2.0 fighter now except Japan that only has a 1.3 one and a hydroplane.

But I don’t think Gaijin will do it so Japan won’t have a good flyer at T1.

From time to time T1 is really fun.
Especially in the He-100 D1.

That thing is so freaking fast for 2.0, you never have to check 6.

Yes, it’s squishy like a sheet of toilet paper in the rain, but if you stay fast and away from bombers, you are untouchable.

Feels a bit like the Kikka at 6.7.
Just stay above 700km/h and you are immortal