Further additions of the Z-10

Is the Z-10 the last toptier addition for the Chinese helicopter tech tree or are there any plans to add the upgraded versions of the Z-10, for example either the Z-10M or Z-10ME?


I really hope that Gaijin can put the Z10ME sold by China to Pakistan or the Z10M for Chinaโ€™s own use on the technology tree (I would prefer the Z10ME as a gold coin vehicle to replace the Z19E with insufficient ground firepower at 11.0) because the current Z10 has been defaulted to the early version by Gaijin, and is not as good as the Z10 currently used by PLA in terms of weapon mounting and engine.

Attached are Z10ME images of Pakistan.

Supplementary shoulder badge.


Iโ€™d rather have the Z-10ME in the technological tree as itโ€™s the best version but itโ€™ll be confusing as china only uses the Z-10M, Iโ€™d be happy with either addition as Chinaโ€™s current toptier Heli is a bit lacking in Air To Ground attack capabilities

No, the Z10ME exported by China does not have the CM502 missile, and only the AKD-10 and AKD-9 are available for mounting. However, the Z-10M used by China has more mounting options. I know that the CM-502 KG missile is not affected after firing, and the difference between the Z10M and Z10ME in terms of airframe is not significant

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Most nations dont have their top irl helis or weapons for balancing purposes, so no, I would not like to see any new Z-10 until other nations get better helis as well, or improved ordinance.

If thatโ€™s the case, please restore the mount of Z10 and the normal projectile speed of AKD10. If you have really driven the Z-10, you will find that it is not as good as Apache and K-52, because the Z10 in the game is an early type recognized by Gaijin

The AH-64D in-game is also an early variant and nothing is as good as the Ka-52 or Mi-28NM, so you arent saying much there.

The Z-10 also has the best air to air capabilities of any helicopter in-game by far. Its fine as is atm.

There are many examples of imbalance in Gaijin. Active radar Air-to-air missile has been monopolized in Science and technology in the United Statesโ€™s science and technology tree for one year.


Although the Chinese helicopter has the strongest infrared air-to-air missile, the ground missile of the Chinese helicopter is the worst among its peers in BR


Thats not as good a point as you think it is.

  1. because the AIM-54โ€™s are hyper niche as currently implemented in WT and extremely easy to defeat if you have any understanding of how theyre modelled in WT
  2. Because saying imbalance is a thing that exists just means that its fine if the Z-10โ€™s ATGMโ€™s performance is lower than that of its peers. โ€œTheres many examples of imbalanceโ€.

The Z-10 is fine as is. It doesnt need better ATGMโ€™s

As you said, the first point.The same goes for AKD-10/AKD-9, which is even slower in the game than the AGM-114! So the Z-10 only needs to return to normal missile speed and missile power, or we need a new Z-10 for better air to ground missile mounting.

Another point is that Apache can mount 16 rounds of AGM-114, while Z-10 can only choose 8 rounds of AKD10/AKD9

And the Z-10 can mount 8-16 TY-90โ€™s while the Apache can only carry 4 stingers, which are substantially worse than the TY-90โ€™s. The helicopter is clearly balanced around its much better air to air capabilities in WT. We donโ€™t need more powercreep and better helicopters, the Russian ones are already nightmare enough.

We should not argue about this. Every player hopes that their country can obtain better vehicles (except for those traitors)

This has nothing to do with Z10.
If you want better Apache go start a new thread, rather than stopping others request for better Z10 here.

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Comparing the Z10 to the AH64 has nothing to do with the Z10? Weird

Considering the TY-90 can only trade at best vs other Helicopters; that sounds tragic (or just not do anything the the 28NM/Ka-52 because of DIRCM). And if youโ€™re playing for the TY-90s then you may as well say the Z-19 is the top tier helicopter since it has radar and the cannon on the Z-10 is extremely bad anyway. Mald about the AH-64s being bad in another thread.


This isnt malding about the AH-64, its pointing out that barring the obviously OP Russian helicopters NOBODY likes to deal with, all other helicopters in-game are at a pretty good place balance-wise currently relative to each other and that introducing a better Z-10 would likely be largely a negative shift in the game. The fact some of you fail to understand a simple concept like that is rather embarrassing tbh.

This is just discussions of another model of Z-10, not adding 15km Fire and Forget CM-502s or smthin. And thereโ€™s already a model of Helicopter with TY-90s and Radar in the tech tree Z-19, a Z-10 with radar isnโ€™t going to tilt game balance.


Except, if youโ€™d actually bothered reading the convo, youโ€™d know that its also been discussed adding the Z10M with its CM502โ€™s, or buffing the current missiles on the Z10, etcโ€ฆ

I dont have an issue with a Z10 with the same things it currently has + a radar, I have an issue with asking for buffs when they arent needed, nor would they be healthy

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