Fuel tanks for more aircrafts

Straight to the point, we need more fueltanks for more aircrafts

lots of aircrafts are suffering from low fuel capability especially small aircrafts like MiG 21,J35 serie

For example:

MiG-21Bis Lazur M

34 min fuel

All J35 (picture is J35A)

21min fuel


28 min fuel


27 min fuel



all of aircrafts at that list could use external Fuel Tanks
even a wing fuel tanks too

why there is no more fuel tanks after useless a6m fueltank

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Gaijin models vehicles based on history, not preferences.

You need to learn fuel management, which is key in air battles. Take too little, you run out of fuel before you reach the battle, take too much, you lose turning rate.

But in case of J7E and J8F
They acually used fuel tanks of course,
In game, You have to reduce fuel using as many as you can
26minute fuel with WP-13 engine is very painful

how am i supposed to play a EC map with 20 minutes fuel?
Please gaijin add external fueltanks to the J35XS

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