Friends List

i can’t add new friends to my Friends list it says i have 100 , ive deleted 10 from the list but i still can’t add anybody


I am facing the same problem too I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible

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I’m up 224, I told people years back I was up to 100 and stopped adding way back, but lol yea, now they add themselves.

The love off my life might want to befriend me and she Can’t , so Sad


That’s very sad :(

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this issue stems from them randomly adding removed friends back, so just do spring cleaning and hope they make the friendlist UI not rage inducing

Are you sure your friends list is below 100?

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I looked though my friends list there were hundreds off people ive never heard off plus 20 Chinese i deleted everybody apart from 30 people i know , it all works now

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