French rank V jet talisman help [ARB]

I am about to buy a talisman for a French tier V jet and I am not really sure which one to pick out of these three:

Barougan vs Mystere IIa vs Mystere IIc

I really want to enjoy playing the jet since I’ll use it to grind whole rank V and VI. I am a MiG-15bis vs F-2 Sabre veteran and that’s why I am willing to grind out even the Mystere IIc without talisman just to get to fly in that old meta again. What I mean by that is we all know how these early jets feel like and Mig-15 like performance should be sufficient not to get frustrated playing. However all these planes have different BRs , and if the Mysteres are not competitive at their BRs I’d gladly pick the Barougan.
Thanks in advance

Do it fast , in one hour the 30% discount wil be over.

I would argue wait until you hit the Mirage IIIE, but if you don’t have time go for the Barougan I’d say, but French Rank V isn’t very good.

I’ll wait for 50% discounts in summer anyway ;)

I have the event Mirage 2000 so rank VII and VIII will be taken care of by that thing (I’ll talisman it too in summer)