French Helicopters

We all know Gaijin hates France. Between over BR’d tanks to the neglected Leclerc lets also take a look a ttheir helicopters.

Riddle me this: Why does Germany start with a French Allouette II while France starts with an American H34, further the American H34 isn’t even in the American Tree and is instead a premium event vehicle? Does it not make more sense to have a French Helicopter from a French Manufacturer be used for the French Tree instead of the American H34?

Seriously, who is making these decisions?


I don’t! So don’t speak for me please. Thank you!

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Helicopters are under developed Gaijin has focus on other things. Be glad we got spikes don’t ask for everything. Apaches don’t even have Hellfire Ls.

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I am speaking about Gaijin which is a group, if you are associated with Gaijin then it still applies whether you like it or not.

I am part of “we all”, so stop speaking for me without authorization. I am not associated with Gaijin! And I don’t know that Gaijin hates France…

No one cares, if you don’t like it, don’t reply…run along.

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I do.

Great enjoy my ignore list.


I just started unlocking 7.7 French tanks and thought I might throw on the helicopter. I assume its not good ?

Starting helicopter hardly matters now that they can be researched with ground vehicles.

They are fine it’s just the principal that Gaijin would force people to grind through a shitty American helicopter before they can actually play a decent French one while other nations don’t.

This thread just calls out how asinine their thinking is.

I think the h34 is fun at 7.7.

The payload is very limited so you have to pick your target carrefully with atgms.

And then use the rockets to suicide rush campers and if still alive you can try to cap.

I usually get shot down fast but it doesnt matter the repairs are low.

I think hovering is boring and you get shot like a duck anyway.

French helicopters aren’t good until the Tiger which itself is not good but the final one gets access to Spikes which makes it one of the best helicopters in the game.


Spikes and PARS3 are a joke. Hellfires are much more effective and Vikhr is far superior to all of them
Favorite joke about the Spike and PARS3 is how Gaijin said they “buffed” them by making them less accurate on purpose, so now they just miss targets sitting still in open fields.

They added deviation so the missile doesn’t hit the cannon breech 5 times in a row without killing crew members.

The deviation is not enough to make the missile miss.

Skill issue.

FNF missiles from helicopters are invaluable compared to having to manually track a missile on to a target. Vikhrs are overpowered yes, Hellfires have variants that will make them competitive Gaijin has refused to add them because if the US hit over 45% win rate the USSR might sell less.

That’s in an anti-tank role, forgetting that FNF missiles are a near guaranteed kill against other helicopters.

Which helicopter is more capable?

The Alouette or the H-34? France used both and it makes sense to start the tree with the weaker helicopter.

As one can grind the helicopters with tanks, I see the french H-34 as a nice bonus. The US will require an expensive premium to get it.

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Bullshit. It’s happened to me multiple times. Especially if the target is facing the missile, reducing its silhouette.

Yeah I should just press my launch key harder. It’s weird that you recognize the game has a Russian bias problem but not that these missiles are gimped. Obviously FnF is invaluable IRL, but in game it’s made worthless by homing on burning wrecks and losing tracking if the tank drives past an ankle-high bush.

Only the chinese one (how surprising). PARS3 and Spike are very unreliable against helis, almost always missing even straight line ones, especially after the deviation “”“buff”“”

I love helis and don’t mind the H34. However, Japan and Italy have disgustingly bad starter helis.

The missiles are gimped, not for the reason you’re stating.