France's gameplay

FRench tanks are underpowered in comparation to ther tanks, just boost them, maybe next update make them teh center of the update?

I think it’s just uncool that every time franced gets nerfed because it fails to attract new players, so only advanced players play france and when that happens Gaijin nerfes them again and again, it just becomes annoying, alotugh i need to say that french tanks are pretty good at tanking shots, but thats all.

Blud hasn’t played Britain

Many updates with nonsense, but gaijin does not fix the absurd damage model, which has been a completely unbalanced disaster for years.

bro im a british main im ranting about france cuz i laso like palying france both nations are incredibly unbalanced but atleast UK gets some attention, France is an unwanted child for gaijin

France is loved more than Britain, at least they get a M2K

im talking about tanks, obv in air france is at the level or even better than the US jets and most USSR jets, in tanks it lacks stuff

Well i was answering to that other guys talking of Air, and not ground regardless your comments on the ground.

And better than US jets? No dude, obviously not,…

Better than some chinese and equal to Sweden, UK or even Italy and Germany–> maybe.

But Russia and USA are basically superior, due to high payload capacity, and superior or similar avionics and weapons.

Britain doesn’t have any fourth gen fighters though, our best fighter is a fighter-bomber in the FGR.2