France needs an anti-aircraft vehicle on 7.7

France needs an air support vehicle at Rank V of its tech tree. The large empty space shown in this rank for this type of vehicle is enormous !

So that we can show this to the DEVS before even starting the next leaks of vehicles from the next update, we can and still have time for them to look at the topic and see ideas of air support vehicles that can be added at battle ratings 6.7 / 7.7 / 6.0 / 7.0.

Given this issue with the French ability to defend against CAS at these battle ratings, this topic is open for suggestions of anti-aircraft vehicles to be added to France.

Please, I ask that you suggest vehicles that have been produced or at least field-tested so that they have a higher likelihood of being added in some upcoming update.

  • vehicle implementation takes years of Research and development

  • the leaks for the next dev season have long started, we’re currently expecting the first blog next week

  • it’s possible france will get a BeNeLux tree which may add SPAAs

It’s called AuF 1 lolololl

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great, let’s have a Benelux DCA when there are 6 versions of the amx-13 and the VAB which have a role and which are not added into the game

American GIF by Storyful

US Players with 4.0 SPAA until BR 7.7

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Then that’s shitty planning on the dev’s part. The same shitty planning that means that France has no vehicles between 9.7 - 11.7, the same shitty planning that has left France with no light tanks past 8.7 (despite the plethora of options), the same shitty planning that saw one of France’s most produced armoured car (the EBR) become an unobtainable event reward, (and to an extent) the same shitty planning that has led to French tanks to being overtiered to “fill a BR gap”.

France has options for a 7.7 SPAA which would be relatively easy to model:



But the devs are just shit at planning things. And funnily enough, it’s not as if the devs went to Saumur where they could’ve collected all the info they’d ever need.


Fortunately not every user of a plane is a threat, using low BR CAS for the battle (payloads similar but performance usually worse)

For GFRB the current gap fillers are non ground vehicles, which is simpler to use than SPAA generally. I believe France have a few, more dedicated, fighters in some spots (there is definitely a lack of balance with CAS and CAP options, possibly worse than SPAA)

Will be better once BR for planes in GF is resolved, but if no SPAA exists planes are a simple option in current GFRB.

So until SPAA is added/improved grab a plane if those enemy CAS become a problem.

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As far as I remember someone on old forum mentioned that getting documents from France is quite tricky due to laws surrounding combat vehicles. That person said that France does not really have declassification laws in place and most things are still either fully or partially classified (probably because a lot of their stuff is used around the world). Even if it is x years old.

Besides there are also copyright laws in place where Gajin need to talk to companies that produce vehicles to get permission to depict them in game. Not all companies but most of them do. This is why in low budget games you wont see say AK-47 named as AK-47 but it might be named I dont know TK-48 or something. It will look like AK, but as far as law go it is not AK.

France needs to stop being treated like trash in the first place

o7 I have made exemplary investments in appropriate aircraft.

The Spitfire LF Mk IXc provides good service and was worth every GE.

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This SPAA to Br 7.7.

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the modelling is the smallest and least critical part of the R&D process

it most likely gets outsourced most of the time

What? Devs’ planning should (obviously) take into account the time it takes to model a vehicle.