Frag deficiency and geographic location of the players

I have very low damage and frag output from my cannons and guns in general; like really REALLY low, to the point that clipping a wing off and sending the target spinning down is just a “Hit”. But then I remember that my nearby friends (italy and spain mostly) have the same issues I do. I play on EU server and get an average of 40 ping. I’ve only managed to get “one hit kills” when I knock the pilot out. But then when i play with my hungarian friend and he clips my wing off (he usually does it) I’m considered dead; as so are his victims whenever we are at an air RB match.

Does geographic location really affect that bad to how much damage your guns do? I know this is a moot post yet again but I remember how bad it is too for my geographical neighbors. We all share 42 somewhat ping.

There goes another. Clipped both wings and set on fire a p63, all I get is a “critical hit” then the do335 A1 steals it.

i dont think ping affects the damage you guns do, rather they determine whether they hit or not (in the case of high ping)

i mean… i literally came from a do 335 b0 match where the 30mm just took two hits on a p51 and did nothing to it with the air belts, then took 5 hits of 30mm and about 50x 20mm shells to get “severe damage” which isn’t even a kill if we consider the old mechanic.

You’ve forgotten to prolong your premium account membership, haven’t you?


Any latency or jitter will affect anything you do.

I play on 200 ping, and I can’t play on any of the others due to the differences in it.

It’s a prime reason why I turn off the join in progress, and select one server set.

gangjiang keeps reminding me, like dude just let me join the custom battle I want to 1v1 with my friend.

And how is your experience? do you see your shells connecting but dealing no damage?

At times if I were to play on the higher ping servers. I don’t play on them because of that reason.

I’m tuned to my ping in particular so I just aim further forward, and hit ground targets.

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