Fox is still overpowered

Although the fox went from 7.0 to 7.7 is still is broken. Being able to spawn camp 30 seconds into a game is ridiculous. It should become 8.0 or 8.3, and have a mobility nerf.

On a side note, the btr 80a for Italy and Russia have 20mm less pen for its 30 but it’s only 10-20 calibers shorter than the Brit 30mm so 130-140 vs 160…
Also the btr should be able to do 60 mph…not 54

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Skill issue


The fox will always be a strong vic aslong as it is implimented correctly (as it is currently) due to its combination of speed and firepower.

The difference in pen comes down to more than just the calibre of the 30mm, the Rarden was pretty renowned for being a great 30mm in terms of raw round performance.


The fox is about as mobile as it should be. The rarden is as effective as Gaijin will let it be compared to reality.

And to highlight the lack of intelligence of sending it up, people got it sent up before. Then discovered it faces less armour and is suddenly even more effective. So let’s think, sending it to 8.0 where even less armour is present, I dunno how you think that’ll go. I’d be fine to have easier kills tho.


How about you stop lemmingtraining down the middle of the map and I’ll stop running around to come up behind you and kill you?


This is glorious.

the audacity lol

You have not even played rank 4 or 5, what do you know about it lol

Change the image to the Tiger P, and you dont even have to flank… Not to mention all the other tanks it can pen from the front.

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Had an excellent flank the other day on the d-day map.

Floored it down the south side of the town, skidded around the corner near the church and took out a object 120 while on 2 wheels with a single shot (ammo racked him) then went round the next corner and came up behind 3 Russians focused on stuff in front of them. Murdered all 3 of them in about 10 seconds with shots to the back of the turrets.

They. Were. Raging.

It was glorious, until I got taken out by a plane. 😞


Fox is not overpowered.
BTR is 7.3, not 8.0 as you imply.


The BTR is considerably worse than the Fox, but that doesn’t mean the Fox isn’t where it should be, it’s just that the BTR could certainly go down a bit.

Still - you can’t possibly imply that a fast 30mm wheeled vehicle should be 8.0+ just because it’s fast.

While disregarding the lack of a stabilizer (on a shaky chassis, on top) and extremely low RPM.


Because stabilizers will destroy it vs it being able to run around people with ease, at least those people can fight back on the move.

Jokes on you bud, I hit up the flank, guess what? A squad of foxes vs 6 people… the foxes won, we were in 8.7 vehicles no less, due to the OP speed which allows them to cross an entire map in 10 seconds, combined with the over preforming Penetration, and the over powered turret traverse, it makes it super easy to play, reminds me of when the PUMA came out at 8.3 and was undefeatable… yes the fox can die easier than a Puma, but the seal clubbing is all the same.

It’s a quarter of the size of the Btr-80 and has more pen for pretty much the same gun… slower fire rate sure, but the 30mm the fox gets is like an atomic bomb vs every other 30mm in the game.

Also the turret traverse makes it extremely effective. You get more pen but also much better reaction time, which is huge in being able to take down a target.

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Turn your volume up, you can hear the Fox from their spawn.

Cope hard mate all we can say if you can’t handle the fox