Fox 3 Playtest Event - Smaller Teams Needed!

Gaijin makes no sense.

The devblog for the Fox 3 Test Event mentions:

“…going by our internal tests, air dueling situations between a small group of players in a battle using these types of missiles lead to some very interesting gameplay, with new tactical approaches being created.”

Yet the current event still has 16 vs 16 team sizes…


But didn’t a lot of people fight for LARGER teams in ARB just a little while ago…?

About a year ago most people were fighting for larger maps. Im sure there were some who also said we should get larger teams but map size was the predominant issue. We got the EC maps added first update of 2023 and then they ghost patched 16 vs 16 in.

After that patch i universally saw most people were against it. Or they were against its implementation. Many were just against it altogether but those that were ok with 16 vs 16 were saying that it was poorly implemented and shoulda been added only on the EC maps and with multiple airfields and spread out AI.


If teams get smaller back to what it was prior then rewards in RB needs to be increased 30%

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Yes this makes no sense. 16v16 is not compatible with modern jet fighters, we need a team size reduction. The gamemode itself needs a rework, as it was designed around WW2 planes, but I may be asking for too much.


Honestly just make EC the default RB mode at this point like. Otherwise it won’t work and isn’t really that fun since it’s just “spawn, fly, die”


That’s how most people play it these days.

Yes I know, and that’s the problem.

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I dont get why top tier say smaller teams but they dont side clomb and go stright into the furball, and there excuse is blah blah , but if only a few are left after the furball is that not what they wanted anyway?

it’s never “a few left” after the furball, it’s always a hopeless 1v8. If you side climb you’ll be the 1 in the 1v8.


you will get a fun surprise if you try to climb in top tier

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Why does it end up 1v8, surely there is more to it than team size or map size

You lot dont climb anyways

Too many missiles going around and you need to be extremely aware all the time, if you’re lucky your team won’t self destruct in the starting minutes

because I’m not that good at dodging 2-3 different radar missiles at the same time

That is the thing, in modern war modern jets control a lot of air space so i would say smaller teams or bigger maps would be more realistic


Absolutely, the maps feel too small for that many jets


yeah smaller teams and bigger maps is what we need

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Gaijin should know this, bit slow or lazy aren’t they?

This has been going on far to long


Because at top tier aircraft are extremely lethal if not occupied with a dogfight, so small initial advantages quickly spiral. So in a 10v8 engagement the 10 has a big advantage because likely two of them won’t be engaged and will be free to third party and kill targets very quickly.