Forum changes today

Interested to see where this goes…


Not being able to edit your posts after posting gonna suck, gotta say.

Also, a little warning might have been nice, tbh so we could retrieve or backup old posts in case they got lost.


It’s just looks the same as Enlisted… where are the emojis? :(


Lol moment:

Pure disrespect for this forum users. First the profile pics and now this!

Just when things seemed to be changing for the best they just killed the forum.


Looks worse than before, no emojis, no dislikes, no signature again, no profile pic… the only good thing is that the warning point that I had for like 8 years seems to be gone :)


Being able to edit your post should is like a bare minimum… Gaijin somehow has a knack for making things that aren’t really great to start with even worse.


Unless it is currently temporary disabled for members ? there should be more options/menu for you in the three “…” dots next to reply

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i spent half a year creating suggestions, and now they are all gone?

“new users are temporarely limited to 3 messages in a topic”

i am far from a new player

this is the worst thing i have experienced you ever do!


who is who? where is everything? is all the time spent wasted?


The Web Devs are bound to just be working on just the Basics for now, making sure all the basic stuff works fine, there are bound to be more developments for more basic functions over time


if you arent going to revert it, at least make the site White!

and add the spoiler folders back, i wonder how the old suggestions looks like now

i dont even know what topic i am writing under here


Old forum (and your post history) is available here

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But as many others have said, shouldn’t they have well, finished the new forums before migrating everyone.


And how can i migrate my forum account? Because this one is blank and i cant even change the E mail adress.


I think you can’t transfert your account. All players restart here with new account …

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This is as ready as it will ever be… changes and or additions can be made on the run, and who knows… ideas and suggestions for the old forum that were not possible, may now be possible… so have to see how Development goes on

And Feedback as always will be taken into consideration

But, the demo Discourse forum has more features than the current one, like there’s even a light mode there. Are a bunch of features just turned off right now?

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Considering the old forum users keep using this new one.

How would you feel if your whole history of posting from several years suddenly disappeared, unannounced, I’m sorry to say but this is pure disrespect for those that used the old forum. And pure arrogant behaviour from Gaijin. You just made our time spent on the old forum a complete waste of our time. I’m not sure if I’ll keep wasting my time on this new version cause Gaijin can do it again in the future without any notice.


I absolutely hate this forum change. This is horrible to navigate and use.