Force real gunner optics in Ground RB

I feel like it would balance out a lot of issues with top tier tanks like the Abrams turret ring weakspot, although it would make T80s and 90s much harder to hit at point blank ranges but playing a few top tier sim battles it’s not that big of a deal or different from RB.

I dont mind it as a concept, but given the overall scheme of AB/RB/SB it doesnt make sense imo.

Its also an accessibility issue for new players, which is why they most likely wont do it. RB is already less popular then AB, this would likely push more players back to AB.

Ya if only it didnt have 5 minute ques, if only you could play whatever you wanted, and if only you couldnt first spawn CAS and even worse helis. If only one nation didnt have a complete upperhand on spaa at top tier.

Sim need to just put a blue chevron above friendly tanks when you aim at them. Population would quadruple overnight, and majority of headaches gone. If we cant have this why the fuck is post penetration camera ok as well?

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True, accessibility is an issue.

It shouldn’t be added to AB imo.

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Even in RB its going to drive people away, especially since SB is generally the only mode with such things. Simply for that I am against it tbh.

However, in not one instance would a heavy go up in BR because of this. Most heavies are too high up as is, due to the very same barrel damage which hurts them also being something they can use to deal with things they really have no business being able to realistically deal with. Case and point example being Jumbos barrel-tapping KTs and IS-2s before side-shooting both.

Ehhhh, a slightly updated tutorial would help take care of things.

I’m mostly thinking that the Panthers, some high tier Russian tanks, and tanks with weak guns would need to be rebalanced.

It also wouldn’t be impossible to hit a barrel, hitting one in 3rd person is totally doable.

It shouldn’t be added for arcade, but I agree that a tutorial would be needed. Wt is very lacking in tutorials.

I would go further still and remove the detailed 3rd person aiming circle intentionally for curbing this, too.

Frontal barrel-knocking cannot be allowed any quarter whatsoever, as it is a disease on the mode, far bigger than anyone can claim CAS to be IMHO.

When it comes to the Panthers, I would frankly give them all a module to remove the engine governor and return their old horsepower to 700, accompanied by significant BR hikes.

The A, G, Ersatz, Dauphine, Jagdpanther, Coelian, and others of that breed would be 6.3 minimum, the Jagdpanther at 6.7 would be more than likely thanks to no turret weakspots, better gun, lower profile, etc. The F with its rangefinder, better turret design, and better RoF would be easy 6.7 material.

And if someone complains, just use that as justification to keep rebuffing APCR. Which would give all Panther 75s approximately 265mm pen and reasonably good spalling in addition to their still-good APCBC-HE round.

As for the “rebalancing,” heavies with weak guns would go down since now if they run into something they can’t pen who can pen them, they rightfully die, no questions asked. Converting any odd cases of old armor models into volumetric armor would eradicate the stupidity characteristic of the entire IS-line where overlapping plates eat rounds for no reason (hello IS-6).

Furthermore, rebuffing high pen rounds so they actually pen what they should and do real damage afterwards would cause many heavies to be reduced in BR due to their “fake survivability” (defined by me as “sitting there with disabled breech/barrel/transmission/tracks for several minutes repairing and unable to actually shoot,” which IMO is the opposite of fun).

APCR is globally lacking in its penetration and still is lacking in its postpen, especially for US rounds with wider cores. APDS is lacking in postpen globally. HESH should return to 1.69 levels of postpen OR just make it trigger overpressure upon penetrating armor, the former minus the high ammo detonation probability it had back then. HE is missing nearly all its kinetic pen component, as the shell casing doesn’t just go “poof” upon impact. HEAT & HEATFS jets should spray more after entering the tank as there’s nothing to confine the jet into a stream once it hits open space, the former spinning rounds especially. Smaller-size APFSDS is globally lacking postpen still after the supposed “fix” (tested personally in my AUBL/74 HVG, which was barely playable but nowhere near “great”).

Preach, brother.

Imma be real this will never happen due to accessibility issues lol

It’s actually far less of an accessability/learning issue in AB, due to the drop/pen indicator.

Forcing it in RB and AB would be extra beneficial in terms of players learning to deal with it (it’s not hard and this is usually overblown) as players would be able to try it out in AB (without being at a disadvantage) if they’re struggling with it.

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They wont do that due to how bad it would make the heavy meta there lol
Like heavies there are already bonkers good, with that it would cause soooo many problems- barrel/breech sniping is one of the only ways you can even do anything to them sometimes.

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This is controversial, but frankly I would support it being a global change.

As an added bonus, it would no longer be so possible to full-bush tanks so carelessly, lest you blind yourself.

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