Force real gunner optics in Ground RB

It is just ridiculous that the gunner optic is allowed to be at the end of the barrel in realistic battles.
It only promotes the weakspot meta that makes armor worthless.


There is more money with COD style gameplay. Simple as that unfortunately

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That is what Arcade Mode is for.

If only we had a game mode that forced this already


There is, it is called simulator battles.

I believe he was using sarcasm


If Simulator had a normal MM instead of the time period cycle and/or they removed all the “stolen” vehicles that make identifying enemies difficult, then sure.


Indeed, it only promotes “Hi, did you order some BARREL DAMAGE?!” style of “gameplay.”


Yeah, all the lend-lease machines and captured premiums make identifying things very difficult. At least we can turn off other users’ decals to help minimize the attempts at “crossdressing” one nation’s Sherman as another’s.

Of course, when all you see is a bush with a barrel sticking out looking your way, how do you have time to check if its friendly or not?

I mean-

Do you want RB to become more irrelevant even less popular to people then it already is to new players?

I see gunners sight as a sim thing- they dont force cockpit view in ARB, do they? The main difference between RB and AB has always been leads/aim assists and game models, not perspectives.


I understand why they dont prohibit them in sim- people wouldnt like if they were gatekeep from sim because of those vehicles, with some nations being hirt worst.

I think for sim they could force visual differences (Like make certain tanks have a specific camo that is more obvious), and prevent decals or bushes in that mode.

They already give people the option to turn off other users’ decals, and have that option on by default. So we can already choose to not see decals.

Even without bushes, it is hard to tell apart all the lend-lease tanks of the same model between nations, especially at a quick glance. I wouldn’t be against bright and obnoxious color differences between nations which use the same vehicle being forced.

I still think the Realistic mode should force real gunner sight positions. It would make bushing-up harder because of the risk of covering your gunsight.

The not-at-all-a-sim Battlefield series has had proper optic offset for vehicles and small arms essentially forever; that’s “CoD style” arcade gameplay and people manage just fine. Optic-in-barrel forehead shooting has no business being in WT, full stop. Not even in AB.

If you want a simulator mode, there is a simulator mode with that exact feature. Problem solved



Again here I think its an accessibility thing, I think such a major change should be reserved for sim. See above cockpit metaphor.

Yippee, more heavy tank meta because apparently lights being useless is good!

I agree with you OP. It’s silly it isn’t this way and to those talking about ARB doesn’t force cockpit view that has nothing to do with this as you’ll still have 3rd person view. Unless of course you are a hill peeker that loves that gameplay shooting folks through stuff that appears is there when it isn’t leaving two totally different games being played.

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The difference between AB and RB has again, always been damage models and stuff like lead indicators, not the perspective from which they play.

The current sight also keeps it accessible and easy to get into which is very important for the mode as a whole, given at lower tiers it heavily loses to GAB in popularity.

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For the love of, THEIR CAPTURED, good damn. How the hell is this hard for people to comprehend? The enemy abandoned the damn thing for a plethora of reasons and if they did return for it were not able to since enemy forces were on the offensive.

And/or lend-lease or sold.

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I don’t want a forced gunner sight in RB, it would change the balance of certain vehicles too much.

I’d rather 3rd person be restricted to the commander view, like in sim. This would prevent peeking around a corner, and it is more realistic than a 3rd person camera.