For the love of god, remove M163 from 7.0 (max BR) matches

As in the title, I’ve been shot and killed a few times already by M163 while flying 6.0 props. It’s not fun. It’s also pretty damn not fun when your competent teammate dies after getting hit by M163 and you’re left alone vs faster enemy while having 4 20mm shells left (yeah, missed them).
Oh and I was pretty damn slow partially because I got shot by M163 too, which mae nose of my plane red and parts of wings yellow.
Extremely fun and engaging.
What’s the point of slaughtering WW2 planes with vietnam-era SPAA?


But it is at 7.7 dude

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I suggest using aircraft that are closer to your BR then.

I could also complain about the FlaRakRad shooting down my Po-2, but it would still be my own fault for bringing an aircraft that isn’t up to the task into a top tier match.

M163 is pretty much a joke, I can’t believe someone is actually complaining about having to go against it. Any plane with a 20mm cannon will easily take it out in a blink of an eye and even 50cal will do noticeable damage. Sure if you fly straight at it you’ll take a few hits but most planes can take a real beating before going down

Dude I’m talking about AI M163 that are placed on some maps that shred WW2 planes in Air RB.


Read the tags. The topic is about Air RB.
Also it’s pretty obvious from the start, especially since 6.0 planes do not meet M163 in CAS RB and I kinda have enough experience to know this.

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It’s not. In Ta-152H I encounter M163 all the time in Air RB.

Ah, yes, the tags…the old forum was a lot better when it came to seperating the posts by their topic…


Anyway, it’s mighty frustrating to lose a match because your only valuable teammate goes up in flames and your own plane takes a beating too. While the damage in Air RB is lower, it’s still firing 6000 RPM and the fire chance is too damn high, just like the rent. While changing direction works, it makes chasing Enemies below 1700m alt extremely risky and if you go slow and tey to dogfight inside its range, you’re a goner and usually only 1 team has vietnam-ERA mid-map AAA while other gets vehicles that do nothing at all.

If you’re in air RB, the BR of the match should determine the BR of the ground forces. There isn’t any way you should have to deal with M163 when you’re flying some BR 6.3 or lower plane.

Well, that’s what I thought.
But then I got shot down by M163 and it kinda got me thinking…

Generally M163 is present in 7.0 battles. And the worst part is - only on 1 side of the map. So 1 team gets huge advantage.

The OP is fully right. Gaijin has some issues with proper ai spaa or even af aaa on some maps. Just 4 months ago we had the famous Roland incident - killing a Lancaster: