For the love of Everything,stop giving Tier VII/VIII vehicles to everyone

I know,this is another complaint about the mass spam of premium vehicles at top tier, but please.

I just witnessed someone with 5k RB matches completed (half of which were inside two single premium vehicles) literally dominating an entire match with ease, he mauled all of my team that even comprised some very skilled players
He topped the battle with 13-1 and then obviously left

Here’s the proof for anyone curious (Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On ) I could say his name, but you can simply witness the destruction he creates

Top Tier right now is a joke, a win is not decided by the skill of every single player in the match, but it is decided by two consecutive factors:

  1. How many premiums each team has
  2. How many of those are controlled by skilled or not skilled players

Regardless, giving shiny and deadly toys with all modifications unlocked to fight against a pool of people that is grinding TT vehicles and their modifications is simply hysterical

Gatekeep those vehicles behind a certain rank, give them less backups based on the tier unlocked, do anything in your power to prevent Top Tier for being a speedrun to a mental asylum


I fully agree. The fact that there are so many top tier premiums and event vehicles is absolutely insane and it ruins top tier. In my view, you should not be able to buy a premium unless you already have 1 tech tree rank below it. As for top tier event vehicles, they should just stop existing. I’m fine keeping the ones we already have, but no more new ones. Event vehicles should be rank 5-6 at highest, rank 4 at highest for naval.


every 10.0+ match is just a flood of mostly premium/event vehicles,you literally flip a coin every single match to decide whether you’re going to get stomped by the shiny 70$ premium bought by the lvl 20 or stomps the entire enemy team because most of them started playing the game yesterday and are already in top tier

And the recent update literally made Top Tier 10× worse,with the flood of Christian II/Type 90 Fuji which were DEFINITELY not needed


Ahah i can safely bet that they’ll add a premium Leclerc next update,watch them doing it

They seriously need to add a safekeeper mechanic to prevent the flood of those premiums


I wish.

Gaijin doesn’t care.

Gatekeeping is always bad. The higher the number of players who have access to all tiers of the game, the better. Ideally, all skill levels should be at all BRs.


Top tier premiums make top tier unplayable but make the snail most of its money, play mid tier as there’s no fixing it unless premiums could only be bought if you have that rank however that would reduce profits by a lot

we need more events like the TOG ii where its a goofy mid-tier that isn’t game breaking but makes the game more enjoyable


I ask this to you out of genuine curiosity, do you think they should make sure that the player has reached a certain rank/br? (Again this is a genuine question of mine not to be confrontational)

Edit: fair enough, it seems ive made some rather bad points, and i was in fact: mistakenly advocating for gatekeeping.

This isnt gatekeeping
Having premium/event vehicles at the top removes the incentive for players to diversify , most will fill out their lineups with something like a TURMS or M1A1AIM instead of getting a wider variety of vehicles.

Plus as the OP stated, top tier premiums especially ruin the game.
Its all fun and games until your entire team is made up of people under level 50, with a single tank in their loadout, who also leave after a single death.
As War_Tinder said, we could keep the ones we have, but no more.

This isnt just about tanks, air suffers from this too. Before the F4S, Mig23ML and other top tier jet premiums, most vehicles you`d see were from the techtree. Sure at 12.7 its basically guaranteed that you will fight the other 12.7s, however in the 10.0- 12.0 range, its premium hell.

When i see an F4S i dont think “Oh, its a Phantom II with a decent radar, 4 SARH missiles and 4 IR missiles”, i just see an easy kill, because most people buying their way to top tier dont have the experience to play the game at higher tiers.

The snail just sees money





Genuinely disturbing when the entire team is Turms-T, T-80UD, and 2s38. I hate it so much, couldn’t agree more.


some of the most fun ive had in their game has been taking the TOG and independent to 11.7 just to see what happens

What you’re describing is literally the definition of gatekeeping, claiming that access to certain parts of the game should be restricted by skill level.

The one fair point here is the one-death-leaving issue, but that’s easily solved with game design changes. Allowing unlimited backup uses per vehicle, or removing backups entirely and just allowing unlimited respawns per vehicle, or similar, would solve this issue.


So it should take months for a player that wants to play the Abrams, T-72s, Leopards, Challengers, or other high tier MBTs, or planes, to get the vehicle they want to play? All while they have to play vehicles they actually don’t want to play? If they want to spend their own money on a premium, that is their choice. You want to dictate how people spend their money AND how they enjoy the game.

Players buy high tier premiums to enjoy the game with and progress faster. This game is made for people to enjoy, and if they want to spend their hard earned money to play a vehicle that they want then that is their choice and always should be their choice. You don’t have to like the choices of other players, same as they don’t have to like yours.

When I see people say “top tier premiums ruin the game”, I actually see “top tier premiums ruin the game FOR ME”. I get that you want to enjoy the game too, but if you expect everyone to care about being competitive and winning instead of just killing other vehicles for fun then you are being quite unrealistic with your expectations. Taking away a player’s choice on how they enjoy the game is dangerous precedence to set and can be quite bad for business.

Gatekeeping: the activity of controlling, and usually limiting, general access to something. Seems like the Oxford dictionary disagrees with you.

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for people who bought 1 premium vehicle and do not have access to this era in the technology tree, there should be a separate cattle lobby. It’s not only in RB that these wallet variants are ruining the game.

On AB, the markers depend on how much your team can see, if you enter a battle in which 10 new players with one premium vehicle/squadron are on your side, you play almost the entire match as if you were playing on RB because they have bare crews.
Restore a permanent marker on AB for everyone in the battle from the beginning to the end of the battle.
Create a separate lobby for cattle until they discover the required vehicle era.



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Yes,i think that they need to introduce a “minimum rank required” for buying any premium vehicle.

In this case, you’ll resolve the one-death leavers problem and resolve the inconsistency/lack of skill that wallet warriors usually tend to have


You take months regardless of buying premiums or not,so yeah. Point not granted

Sorry,but this is part of the game. Everyone is in the same boat

Stop with this “their money,their choice” argument please, it’s 2024. This is a team game, you must take responsibility of the fact that your actions have consequences for the entire match, positive or negative. If you want a solo game without the hussle, go play single-player games.

There are other players that plays this game too and that can’t afford a premium to ease the grind,what do we tell about them?that they deserve to be stomped and to have a longer grind because they were born in the unfortunate part of the world or for other reasons?

Moreover,you don’t own the premium vehicle,you borrow it. So technically,even if it’s your money, it’s not your property.

And the fact that there are people that don’t enjoy the game because there’s a direct passageway to get stomped is a proof that this system is not healthy