For someone getting into Italian Ground, what advice do you have?

I’m spading every italian tank and so far I’m up to 3.0 almost 3.3. (Doing them all in order ascending.)

Soon I’ll be at rank 3.

Any advice you can spare for any ranks 3-8? I’m very invested in these tanks so far.

One more thing, I love reading about these tanks, especially their ww2 ones so if you have any historical info or facts I’d love to hear that too.

Stay and play 3.3, you will suffer little. The further you go the more you usually suffer.

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Just pick your lineups, a lot of gaps in there where you cannot make a good one so often you just want to stick with your current lineup for longer.

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Why do you think it gets worse?

Due to the tanks being for the most part a bit over tiered especially at 8.0 plus but the light tanks are amazing

Which tanks are overtiered specifically? That’s the kind of information I was hoping to find out

i would stay away from the C13 and probably also avoid the first sidam in everything except for AA if neccesary. Dont know about the breda as i havent played it for a while but it used to be a gem at 4.0 with its sides up

Because I tried it. The more you go on, the harder it is (maximum I’ve tried is 7.0)

The harder it is to do what? I don’t see how the vehicles get worse.

Just click on the vehicle themselves to read the pros and cons, and history.

Rank III

The M18 plays like all other M18s and is a great light tank. The Breda 501 with the sides down and more gun rotation, coupled with it’s speed is a great vehicle now.

Use the R3-T20 as a SPAA or harass other enemy tanks/apc/spaa with it’s fast firing 20mm. The M4A4, Tipo, Sherman VC I generally don’t play. The Stug IIIG and 75/46M43 (my favorite until it was unjustly up BR) are good vehicles in the right circumstance.

Rank IV

Fiat 6614 with HEAT-FS you’ll pen everyone, just watch for the wonky gun handling at certain angles. AUBL/74 when you have HEAT-FS is decent. The M26A1, it’s not bad and the M36B1 with HEAT-FS at 5.7 will kill everything.
Keep using the R3-T20 for SPAA work.

Beyond Rank V

I only ever play the R3 T106 and M113A1 TOW. I have some of the other higher tier vehicles, but I haven’t played them in years so I can’t comment on them.

It’s not the means that get worse, but the br they’re put to and the enemies you meet.

well whats an example?

The R3 at its current br is difficult to use if you encounter non-light enemy tanks at modest ranges. It will be that I don’t have all the new ammunition but other higher means like the M26 I have difficulty penetrating various means.

Gaijin just refuses to adapt their calculations for minor nations, 10.000 battles in a T-34 isn’t the same thing as 200 battles in a Chi-To when it comes to balancing, unless if you’re Gaijin.


I think they will understand this. Maybe by the end of this century.

Should almost change your name as it’s clear you have issues with the game and that likely has effect on any performance you wish to attain as that preempting is going to turn into a prediction…

The biggest advice that I give is that it’s better to go for assists if you can’t get the kills because straining to kill, and being killed in the process is a losing game. Assists therefore pay out more.

What vehicles are the wrong BR for Italy?

A lot of things are questionable, the 6614 Fiat 6.7 for example, no armor, horrid turret rotation, long reload, wheeled vehicle.
Sidam 25 doesn’t even have a radar.
C13 is one of the worst vehicles in the game and now increased to BR 7.
Centauro Romor is a worse version of the 105 but at a higher BR.
Aubl HVG and the M300 is probably one of the worst performing shells in the game, less damage on a 60mm APFSDS shell than on a single 30mm APDS round.

Reported it but it got closed without an answer as is typical.

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A lot of things are questionable, the 6614 Fiat 6.7 for example, no armor, horrid turret rotation, long reload, wheeled vehicle.

This is simply that it’s an extremely high penning munition and thus can’t be too low or else it completely invalidates a lot of vehicles, no? It doesn’t look very hard to get these things into a position to do some damage.

C13 is one of the worst vehicles in the game and now increased to BR 7.

isn’t it the same issue as above

People get obsessed over pen numbers, an Object 120 has 450mm pen or whatever, so what, even at half that it would lolpen practically anything anyways, and the moment anything has armor, Gaijin increases the BR to where the majority of vehicle can kill it frontally.

If it hits you, it pens, the same thing for the 6614, doesn’t matter if it’s BR 7 or BR 5, it performs practically the same, don’t get hit by it, and in return you one shot it. Having a 7 degree turret rotation speed, a 13 second reload, 8mm of armor and no tracks means anytime you don’t instantly kill something you’re dead, any American tank will kill you with 2 bullets of their magically controlled .50s.