For future CAS balance

(First: please respect everybody here, CAS player or SPAA player) So I thought about a system that can work in war thunder for balancing CAS in the future when longer range weapons get added (AGM-88, JASSM and so on).
Gaijin can put on the map for every tank spawn a small empty field where you can spawn in an Anti-air system (Patriot for NATO and S400 for USSR and maybe a copy of the S400 or smth for China) that can work like a normal SPAA. Just like drones. You will need idk how much SP and you can spawn an long range SPAA. There can be only 1 for one enemy spawn(or they can add a limited number of aircraft and a limited number of SPAAs to balance it out like: one S400 for 2 planes or smth idk). However this will not limit the mobile SPAAs that can engage aircraft below 20 Kms and maybe add the CRAM or something so you can engage the ordonance dropped by enemy aircraft. This is my idea, let me know yours.

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Itemise loadouts. Currently, 1 gbu is the same sp cost as 6. Change it so that each bomb/missile cost a set amount of sp.


Yea ok that can do for future stuff like the HARMS but first we need an idea to balance CAS and anti air

It does balance it. Would make fully loaded planes much more expensive and force people to take different load out other than “how much can i fit on this plane”.


This could be a thing to be honest… Custom loadouts should be top notch costly, where-as role specific preloads should be shuffled about.

Yes, but i am talking when we will have Harms and Jassms and other things that have a lot of range if we won’t do these changes the “GrOunD OnLY” players will come and say: “not fair I don’t want to die to some missile fired from 70KM away” :)

They could make all spaa 1.0 and they would still complain.


I think the main issue is that planes with huge payloads are really cheap to spawn, and there’s SPAAs from the 70s like gepard that can see spitfires and ME 262s under normal BR usages, plus the radar on the Marconi radoar (itpsv90 and chieftain marksman) is bugged so taking on CAS is near impossible if its a heli or plane flying lower than 600m. there’s wacky imbalances and bugginess on both sides which make playing either too easy (in the case of gepard or F86 sabre) or too unfair (ww2 aircraft getting beamed by radars that are half a century younger) that need a serious look into. a mixture of technology/era based br rating with performance would be very good for ground RB if aircraft are to stay in ground and not have a separate “combined” mode

A) there’s already this thread that I’d like to politely redirect people to for discussion on this topic
B) S-400 and Patriot are both designed to intercept cruise and ballistic missiles, and would be entirely overkill

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Well… The Jassm has at least 300 km of range while the LRASM has around 200 and then you have the standoff fired HARM with 165 km, then the glide pack JDAM with 100 something km range. The idea is that to have these missiles we need longer range spaa. The thread is about my idea not CAS and SPAA in general or “CaS OveRPoweRd”. While the S400 has around 130 or 140 km range and the patriot has around 160 km range. What other spaas ca we get if not these?

There are quite a few options, actually. Many systems based on IR or ARH AAMs with 12-50km ranges.

I don’t think that the SPAA mains will enjoy having just a 50 km range against 300 km range missiles

Please use already created CAS threads.