For Air RB, what current planes do you think deserve a different BR?

Just curious.

Edit: since some users… arent getting it… please specify the plane AND the BR you want it moved to

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Probably a fairly stupid idea, but adding the ALE-28 CM pod of the AV-8A to the AV-8C (so now you’d get 300 CMs total), as well as 9Ls, and bringing it up to the same BR of the early Sea Harrier.

This would actually somewhat make the AV-8C an improvement over the AV-8A (as it currently stands, the AV-8A is ultimately a better aircraft than the AV-8C due to the ALE-28 CM pod and premium benefits)

American AV-8C didn’t carry AIM9Ls iirc.

J-22a 3.0 —> 2.3

J-22b 3.7 —> 2.7

Reason: flight performance for these fighters is far inferior to that of anything else in the range, and armament is merely servicable.

Sakeen 3.3 —> 3.0

Reason: lackluster engine power, bad starter aircraft for Isreal tech tree.


Seeing as both the American Legacy Harriers served into the mid-1980s, I imagine they could carry the AIM-9L (much like the A-4M)

A-10A early/Late, Su-25/K, A-6E Tram, A-7K, Sea harrier Frs.1 (e) → 10.7
Harrier Gr.7, AV8B+ → 11.0 (potentially remove Aim-9M’s if they overperform)
F-5E(China& US) → 11.0
F-104A/C(all nations), Jaguar Gr.1A → 10.0
G-91Y → 9.0
G-91YS-> 9.3
Hunter F.6, Jaguar Gr.1 → 9.3
XP-50 → 4.7
Wyvern → 5.0
Ju-288C → 7.0
Bf-109F-4 → 4.3
Yak-9P → 5.3
La-11 → 5.0
J-7D, J-7E → 10.7
Ki-84 Hei → 5.7
Harrier Gr.1 → 9.3
Javelin F(A.W.) MK9 → 8.0 (try it here for a bit, and if it overperforms significantly it should go back)
SU-11 → 7.7
Mistubishi F-1 → 10.0 (try it here for a bit, and if it overperforms significantly it should go back)

This is what i can think of off the top of my head. I would really like them to change br’s more often, and just see how vehicles do when you move them about a bit.


Honestly the whole mode needs a rework. The 16 vs 16 crap is garbage at top tier and the mid field aaa being super accurate is ridiculous.

Air RB is trash atm and feels like a cheap indie game from 2006.

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J2M2 - 4.7/5.0BR
P-51 H - 6.7 BR
Re.2005 - 5.3 BR
Ta-152C - 5.7BR
G.56 - 6.0 BR
Spitfire Mk. 24 - 6.7 BR
N1K2 - 5.3 BR
Ki-84 Hei - 6.0 BR
Yak-3U - 6.0BR
BI - delete from game / 7.0
P-39N - 3.7 BR
F4U-1 - 3.7 BR
Fw-190 A - 3.7 BR
XP-50 - 4.0 BR + no air spawn
Fw - 190A-5 thru A-8 - move down .3
P-47N - 5.7 w/ air-spawn
F4U-4B - 6.0/6.3 BR
Ju-288 - 7.3 BR
Bf.109 G-14 / G-10 - 5.0 BR
J2M3 - 5.3 BR
F6F-5N - 4.0 BR
XP-55 - 4.7 BR
Tempest Mk.V - 5.0/5.3 BR
Tempest II - 5.7 BR
Sea Fury - 5.0 BR


These changes are unrelated to Ground RB.

Ki-84-Hei 6.3 → 5.7 - literally the same plane as the 5.3 one with diff guns.

G.56 6.3 → 5.7 - that thing has a legacy BR, has no business at 6.3… and still wouldn’t be the best 5.7 plane either. Could give Germany some help with the Ju288C blackhole.

F4U-1C 4.7-> 4.0 or below (performance) - That thing has less performance than the 2.7 Corsair (that could be 3.7) in every way…BUT has cracked guns with 924 ammo that deletes enemies in headons, so that’s why we are here I guess.

Re.2005 6.0-> 5.0 (or 4.7 even) - This thing has a legacy BR as well, it has no business at 6.0.
Basically a 4.3 plane if we talk about raw performance, that could easily be sitting at 4.7-5.0 given how braindead it is to fly it. It’s worse than the Spitfire F Mk IX (4.3) in about every aspect but guns.

La-9 6.0 → 5.3 would be fair for it. It shouldn’t be facing jets ever, not to mention that it already gets outclassed by many of the 6.0-6.3 superprops.

La-11 5.3 → 4.0 - I think that’s one of the most overtiered props in the game cuz it has big guns. To put into perspective, it is worse than the P-51C-10.

BF109G-10 5.7 → 5.0 - It’s useless at 5.7 since the K4 exists.

BF109G-14 5.3 → 5.0

J21/A21’s 4.3 → 3.7 - Another case of guns winning headons = go up in BR. Outperformed by basically anything but bombers.

Spitfire Mk.24 7.0 → 6.7/6.3 - It’s hilarious that this thing is 7.0. Realistically I’d put it at 6.7 (if the BR wasn’t a dead end), given the performance and ergonomics along with the P51H5. But since 6.7 is a dead BR that only exists to send planes straight up to jet matches, I’d rather have both at 6.3.

Spitfire Mk.22 6.7 → 6.0 - Basically the same performance as the Mk14 armed with x4 Hispanos instead. Should never be a whole 1.0 BR higher.

XP50 → lose airspawn. Climbs as well as a 109-F4, outrates it, slightly faster… and for some reason it has an airspawn, ridiculously broken plane in it’s current state. It would still be a very good plane without it.

N1K2’s 6.0 → 5.3 - Extremely slow and generally outperformed at 6.0.

J7w 6.0 → 4.7 - That plane is solely sitting at 6.0 cuz it had meme guns that would delete planes in headons.

P51C-10 should switch places with the P51D-5.

Wyvern 4.0 → 5.0 - 640km/h + on the deck at 4.0 with an interceptor airspawn lul.

Tempest Mk.2 6.0 → 5.7

Xp55 4.3 → 4.7

Ju288C 6.0 → 7.0 or remove it from the game, screw that thing… ruining a whole BR.

Fw190 A5 4.7 → 4.0 - Aircraft was cursed with a fm change becoming even more of a brick than it already was.

J2m2 4.3 → 4.7

J2M3 5.7 → 5.3

J2M5 5.7 → 5.0

G55 Serie 1 5.0 → 4.7

G55S 5.0 → 4.7

C205 Serie 3 4.7 → 4.3

Sea Fury FB 11 5.7 → 5.0 - I guess it’s been winning a lot of headons a lot lately, that thing should never be 5.7.

Seafire LF Mk.III 5.0 → 4.3 - Roughly same performance as the Spit Mk/Vc but significantly worse armament.

Spitfire Mk/Vc 5.0 → 4.7

Spitfire Mk Vc/trop 4.7 → 4.3

Tempest Mk.V 5.7 → 5.0

Yak9UT 5.7 → 4.7 - It’s lowkey a Yak9U with a better/different armament.

A6m5 Otsu 5.3 → 4.7 - Outperformed by pretty much every single 4.7/5.0 fighter. Sitting at 5.3 cuz people turnfight it and it’s ufo flight model.

A6m5 Ko 5.0 → 4.7 - same as the A6m5 otsu.

A6m5 5.0 → 4.3 - Worse than the Otsu/Ko models, has worse dive speed as well.

A6m3 mod 22 ko 5.0 → 4.3 - Lowkey same case as the A6m5 if not worse.


Most of them reasonable. Ki-84 should stay, Xp50 is ok for 4.3, while Wyvern at 4.7.

But you should remember each vehicle’s 0.3 br raise could result the vehicle’s experience drop from “good” to “trash”/“totally unplayable”, instead of “good” to “fair”, so thats why some vehicles stays at their br with moderate advantage

I am well aware of this, and for many of the vehicles i have included a 0.3 increase/decrease is suitable, however there are many more i could have included, like the Bf-109G-2, that probably would be fine if they went up, but i do not believe are particularly too powerful for their BR. The vehicles where i have incresed or decreased them by more than that is for specific reasons, such as moving all all-aspect missiles to 10.7 minimum, or moving the 288 to a place where it will intentionally be caned.

I’d be interested to hear why you think the Ki-84 Hei should stay at 6.3, i personally think the 30mm guns do not justify a 0.7 br increase, and i personally would take the 20mm’s anyway, do you disgree?

I would also be fine with the XP-50 going to 4.3, and if it contunues to overperform there, it can go up again, the reason i have moved it up by more than 0.3 is because i believe it will continue to be extremely powerful at 4.3

That said, there are a couple more i’d like to add:

MB.5 → 4.7
VL Pyörremyrsky → 4.7
Stirling B Mk III → 4.3
Stirling B Mk I → 3.7
Halifax B Mk IIIa → 3.7
Yak-3 (Ru+Fr) → 4.7
Yak-3(VK-107) → 6.0

F 84 being at 7.0 is crazy

Mirage-200(all of them)-11.3–>11.0
MiG-23/27(all of them)-11.3–>11.7

this one might suck

I think a ground spawning F-84B is ok at 7.0, but not if it airspawns.

I don’t see why any MiG-23 would be 11.7 or why the M2K would be 11.0, can you elaborate your reasoning?

yes, the mig23 should be raised to 11.7 because in a downtier it seal clubs everything it faces, in an uptier it is still competitive like the f14. and thinking about it, the mirage 200, (not 2k) is kinda stuck from compression there really is no solution for the mirage 200.

I guess thats Mirage F1

I find this to be true for any 11.3. It’s a compression problem.

It isn’t as competitive as the F-14 I don’t think.

All Tornado IDS probably should be 11.0 alongside the Tornado MFG until they get finished. Only reason they are at 11.3 is because of their GBUs. In air gamemodes, there is no difference. If/When finished then id say high 11.3 or low 11.7, but until then, definetly 11.0

should have said that.