Following the Roadmap: research helicopters with ground vehicles, marking spawn campers and more

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We are continuing to improve War Thunder in a variety of ways based on your feedback, and have been making our way down the Roadmap. This time, we are introducing a number of new features that will improve clarity at spawn points while also deterring spawn campers, players who fall while capturing points will be rewarded if their allies finish the job, and helicopters can now be researched by playing ground vehicles - you can unlock them without leaving PvP battles!

Invulnerability Indication


When respawning, all players have a brief period of invulnerability which allows them to better react to the situation at the spawn point. If there is a spawn camper nearby - an enemy that tries to destroy a player shortly after they spawn - this period of invulnerability makes it easier to counter such an enemy.

However, sometimes the battle comes to a notably one sided end, where one team has completely won the map and ends up parked outside the other team’s spawn point, attacking vehicles as they spawn in, some of which are still invulnerable. Previously, when shooting at an invulnerable enemy, the shell would pass through the target and the hit camera would not activate, which occasionally led players to think that they had encountered some kind of error which caused their shells to deal no damage.

Now, when shooting at an invulnerable player, the hit camera will activate and clearly indicate that the enemy being engaged is still invulnerable, additionally, an invulnerability marker will appear on the player directly. In replays, this marker will be displayed throughout the invulnerability period and not just when the player is shot at - this will make engagements involving this mechanic much clearer.

Marking Spawn Campers

Spawn camping in general is always a tricky problem, whether a player is camping the spawn maliciously by driving straight to it at the start of the battle, or if one team has conquered most of the map and inevitably ended up at the spawn. In either case it is not an ideal situation to be in, so we have improved this area of the game for those spawning in - by highlighting spawn campers on the map.

This mechanic is only present for Ground AB and RB. In both game modes, an instance is considered ‘Spawn Camping’ when a player is shot at no more than 20 seconds after they spawn, and have moved less than 40 meters from the spawn point (these parameters may be changed in the future). The spawn camper is pinged on the minimap for a short time (around 5 seconds) to all players, after which the marker cools down - according to the general rules of visibility and detection in the corresponding mode.

In Ground AB, in addition to being marked on the minimap, the spawn camper is also marked for all players in the battle with a new ‘Spawn Camper’ symbol (a broken shield) which will be visible beside the distance indicator, similar to the binocular symbol if a target is scouted.

In Ground RB, the spawn camper is also displayed by a broken shield, similar to the current hit marker and scouting marker. The marker’s position is updated every 2 seconds with a random margin of error relative to the position of the unit.

When scouting a spawn camper, the broken shield marker will be replaced by a binocular icon, as from a gameplay perspective the scouting status is more important, and not to mention a scouted target is highlighted for much longer than one highlighted for spawn camping.

Improving Capture Point Rewards

Now the reward for capturing a point will also be given to those who contributed but were destroyed before the point could be completely captured. However, only those who fought for the point to the end will be rewarded - if a player leaves the point before death then they will not receive a reward. Another important factor as well - the reward will only be given if the point ends up being captured by your team, if it fades to neutral then all pending rewards will be reset.

Researching Helicopters with Ground Vehicles

Helicopters in War Thunder are at their best in ground battles, but until now the most convenient and consistent way to research a new helicopter was in the PvE game mode. As it was important for many players to fight against other players, we decided to open up helicopter research as an option when playing ground vehicles, so that tankers could expand their lineup with helicopters while playing their favorite game mode.

In each nation’s helicopter and ground vehicle tree, there will be a switch that allows you to choose which branch you want to research before going into battle, with the switch toggled on, all of the research points you earn in ground battles will go towards the selected helicopter instead.

Simplification of reporting messages and new complaint category

Before, when wanting to file a complaint about another player, in the complaint window, players had to describe what was said and the reason, so that our Game Masters who evaluate in-game chat reports could make a decision on whether or not this player deserved an in-game chat ban for a specific period of time. Now, when a player wants to file a complaint against another player for malicious in-game chat messages, all in-game chat messages of the malicious player are attached in the report window - there is now no need to describe the reason for the complaint being made.

We have also added a new category of complaints about in-game chat messages that do not contain profanity or direct insults to other players. This new category is called ‘Hate speech’. Players can now use this new category whenever needed, and our Game Masters will investigate any reported messages and will take action if deemed necessary.

We won’t stop here. We will continue to move further along our roadmap: check what parts have already been completed, and have a look at the changes we’ll be introducing in the future!

As always we are keenly awaiting your feedback - let us know what you think about these changes, and most importantly, have a good game!


Good changes! In the point Matchmaking (3/4) on the roadmap PNG the last change includes: Reduction of Research an purchase cost of rank 6 and 7 aircraft. It is marked as green but does not appear on the changelog.


researching Helicopters with Tanks… now thats a cool feauture , good one gaijin , now its less pain for me :D

I am very happy with the helicopter research changes. I am working on Italy and it’s absolutely insane that it’s 390,000 RP to research the A.109EOA-2 from the AB 205 A-1 which only has a dozen rockets and miniguns. I get one kill (which is actually impressive in the scope of things) and only make about 400RP it’s insane. I’d suggest further adjusting helicopter RP gain with adjusting the RP of kill rewards.

In terms of weaponry the RP rewards from highest to lowest should be:

  1. Miniguns/low caliber guns
  2. Cannons
  3. Bombs
  4. Dumb fire rockets
  5. Air to Air missiles
  6. Air to ground missiles (manually guided)
  7. Air to ground missiles (fire and forget, when they’re added)

In regards to the spawn camping I disagree with how you’ve done the marker. If you really want to discourage spawn camping instead of the mark disappearing or “cooling down” it should be permanent and only be removed by sitting in a friendly control point. This would force them to move across the map and play objectives or be killed. They need a marker seen on them that’s as effective as the scouting market and that can be seen from air.


Great Changes maybe add this to the reporting thing also Exploitation of the Newbie Battle System Occurring - Game Discussion / Arcade Battle - War Thunder — official forum

Researching helicopters with ground vehicles is a great change.

I do wish they did something to make the stock grind easier for helicopters without ATGMs though. Helis still get very little RP in ground RB battles.

If people can get helicopters by playing ground, that must mean we can remove drones right?


Ok this is nice but where are the research point changes and incentives to research other trees ?

This game is still incentivizing mains because of how big the grind is and because there is no bonus from going to other trees other than the aircraft which will most of the time be inferior to what USA/RUS have to offer

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Finally I can get my Japanese Apache

whether a player is camping the spawn maliciously by driving straight to it at the start of the battle, or if one team has conquered most of the map and inevitably ended up at the spawn.

A lot, if not the majority, of spawn camping is the result of poor map design. You can be halfway across the map and still see and shoot into the enemy spawn on many maps. Spawn to spawn shooting isn’t unheard of.

It’s my understanding that the map designers use satellite heat maps to generate the terrain for many of the maps in game. This is a cool idea in principle for realism. But this is a video game. Maps need to be designed from the ground up for gameplay. Map design is one of the most important aspects for good gameplay


You are still going to need to grind all the modifications though.


Does this work in both directions?

Currently, kills in a tank give rp towards the tank im researching. Kills in a heli gives me rewards to the heli im researching.

Does this now mean that kills in a heli go towards ground as well? Or is only ground rp going towards helis?

Either way, good change, but does seem a way of avoiding actually fixing heli ec

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“Reduction of research and purchase costs of rank VI-VII aircraft” is written in both “Changes to progression and research points” and at the end of the “Matchmaking” part. The latter is written in green meaning it is completed, while the other is not, might create confusion.

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still better than not even having it

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Helicopter modules need a significant reduction still, now that there is finally a way to unlock them, they’re still impossible to effectively grind, if I get the AH-1E I’m stuck with a 20mm that is 75% HE and 40mm of pen at 9.3.

In fact heli RP needs to be reduced, most of them are mediocre if not useless, that is not worth 300k RP.

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Gaijin should consider allowing RP from spaded ground vehicles to be applied to other ground vehicles. All that RP just goes away. We should be allowed to use it.


Fixed, thanks

Why “invulnerability markers” ?! This will just helping the spawn campers to better see when the time has come to shoot (…an that is when the marker disappears …). Or got I something wrong ?

Now that you can research helis using ground vehicles, would it be grand if snail make it so that you can also grind aviation using ground vehicles :)