Following the Roadmap: Additions in the Second Major Update of 2024

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Last week, we released Seek & Destroy, War Thunder’s second major update of 2024. This update came with a plethora of additions that we had planned on our Roadmap, and today we wanted to highlight them to you.

Separate Flares and Chaff

Since it was only possible to select pre-made countermeasure loadouts consisting of four different options, we wanted to provide players with as much customizable options as possible. You’re now able to manually adjust the exact ratio of flares to chaff that you want for an aircraft, which you can do from the hangar when going for a test flight, or straight in the battle respawn screen. Go ahead and customize each aircraft to however you desire!

Not familiar with the differences between flares and chaff? Check out our helpful Wiki article that explains both in detail.

Additional modules for ground vehicles

Back in April, we had a vote on several proposed options that aimed to reduce shells that passed through lighter vehicles to cause little to no damage to the crew or modules. Additional modules for vehicles won with a 85.84% yes vote, so we’ve been at work implementing as many modules as possible.

The goal of these modules is to fill up the free space inside of the vehicle with devices which provide some functionality to the vehicle and can be destroyed, meaning shots against lighter vehicles with them will cause more damage where they should, rather than passing through and doing nothing, which can get frustrating.

In the Seek & Destroy major update, the following lighter vehicles received extra internal modules: 2S38, PUMA, Type 87, Type 93, Type 81 (C), Gepard (all variants), FlaRakRad and Pantsir-S1.

As mentioned in April, this work will take a while as we have to manually create modules for each vehicle. Because of this, in the future new modules will be added to other vehicles, with the highest priority being SAM/SPAA vehicles as many have large voids inside of them.

The complete list of each module and what happens when you destroy or damage them is here:

  • Autoloader — destroying this module stops the ability to reload the gun, but the possibility of shooting ammunition already loaded into the breech remains.
  • Fire Control System (FCS) — destroying this module blocks subsystems linked to the FCS depending on the combat vehicle, such as rangefinders, night vision devices, LWRs and the gun stabilizer. The list of parts can be checked in the module tooltip in X-ray mode when hovering over the FCS module. The destruction of this module for vehicles with an uninhabited turret or vehicles where weapons are controlled through control panels (for example, 2S38, PUMA) also blocks guidance and the ability to fire.
  • Power system — damaging this module can cause a module fire and also stops the operation of associated systems such FCS, or the radar. The list of parts can be checked in the module tooltip in X-ray mode when hovering over the Power system module.
  • Driver controls — damaging this module stops the possibility of moving the vehicle.
  • Electronic equipment — damaging this module stops the possibility of using sensors such as IRST, LWR and radar.

Healing wounded crew members

Back in April, we also had a vote about the healing of wounded crew members, where 85.67% said yes. Previously, crew members could be permanently damaged, making them “red” for example, and they’d lose a bit of percentage of their duties.

Now your ground vehicle’s crew members will automatically heal to a degree that doesn’t induce debuffs to their battle skills after a certain amount of time passes after being hurt.

During a healing process, a healing icon next to the crew in the damage panel is shown, and the status (the color state in X-ray) of a crew member being healed changes.

Updated crew models by different eras

WWII era German and post-war Soviet crew members for open-top ground vehicles have received a fresh and makeover. They are now more historically accurate to how they really looked. Jet pilot models in the J-11, MiG-29 (all variants), Su-27, Yak-141, A-10 (all variants), F-14 (all variants), F-15 (all variants), F-16 (all variants) have been updated too.

We also plan to further update both tank crews by adding USMС tank crews in the cold war tropical variant uniforms, and aircraft crews by adding US and Swedish pilots with HMDs, and crews for late German and British aircraft.

Visual weaponry selector for aircraft

Pressing a keybind in battle on aircraft that can carry multiple different types of weapons to change to a type of weapon could sometimes be frustrating. So we’ve now added a visual weapon selector while in battle for aircraft that can create secondary weapon loadouts.

Press the keybind or [ALT] + mouse click on the new icon in game to bring up the visual weapon selector. Press your mouse on the weapon you want and it will select it so that you can use it!

Please note that this feature is only available on PC at the moment — we’ll soon be enabling it on console. Sorry about the delay here!

Dragging and dropping vehicles from the research tree

Ease of use and usability are pivotal. You’re now able to drag any vehicle in a research tree and drop it into a crewslot to add it to your preset.

With the introduction of this drag and drop feature we also wanted to provide you a consistent experience when interacting with the crewslots.So we’ve added a handy drag and drop so that you can remove vehicles from your preset. Simply click and drag on a vehicle in your lineup, and a remove box will appear. This is identical to removing them from a preset through the sending your crew on holiday (now called Remove from the preset); it’s just much quicker.

Rearranging crew slots

Have you had your main crew, perhaps a level 75 air crew or level 150 ground crew, in a completely random place in your crew preset, but wanted it to be the first? Don’t worry any longer, as you’re now able to rearrange crews. Click on the crew area under the vehicle slot in the hangar and then the arrow going left and right. Select where you’d like the crew to go and bob’s your uncle, it’ll move to whichever you select.

This simply moves the crewslots around; you don’t pay any extra Silver Lions for this, and you can move them as many times as you’d like. It’s important to note however that the positions of the crew slots are specific to each preset, if the crew slots are rearranged on one preset, that readjustment won’t change the position in any other presets.

Currently, it’s not possible to drag and drop crews to rearrange them, however we’ll be working on this in the future.

New Air Conquest missions in Air Arcade

We’ve made some Air Conquest changes in Air Arcade as well as adding some new missions. The aim has been to improve gameplay as well as providing more locations.

Air defence when spawning in has been improved, with the height of spawning in aircraft being reduced. Moving ground vehicles have also been added, as well as new missions on the Vietnam, Ladoga and Normandy location.

So if you’re an Air Arcade player who enjoys Air Conquest, now’s the time to go and have some fun!

Aircraft Missile Timers

Information about when your radar homing missiles, SACLOS and laser beam riding ATGMs and laser-guided missiles and bombs will hit their target has now been added to an aircraft’s Heads-up display (HUD). This timer starts counting down the number of seconds to impact once the missile has been fired.

That’s all for now

We’ve reached the end of today’s post. Check out the latest Roadmap infographic below. In the meantime, we’ll be working hard on Summer’s Roadmap additions and will keep you updated when we can. See you!





This is my favorite, hands down.

Massive W


Any word on the BOZ pods on the Tornado missing 600 chaff per pod?


Do you guys have my precious F-15C devblog?

Sad that there’s no mention of Israeli tank crews getting their unique uniforms

Wait does this mean that SAMs will be able to dig their own trenches or deploy their own ammunition replenishment zones?

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All of these are so great!

First thing I did when the update arrived was to re-arrange all the slots on my lineups in order of quality/spawn, hahah.

Also loving the new modules and the increased detail levels on the remastered ones! This took War Thunder’s simulation fidelity to a next level. Only issue I’ve found in this regard is the Abrams’ hydraulic pump being flammable; it’s filled with a no -flammable liquid in reality!

Also loving the crew healing and, of course, the huge win of separate flares and chaff.

I will be looking forward to more such changes and additions in the future!


Can we get wallpaper with out the huge logo for the update in it?

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But no one vote for continuous butchering of the maps…


I like these types of posts!
Its easy to miss new features in such big updates.

with that said i would love for there to be more actual gameplay features, As it stands MANY of the top tier vehicles are missing functions simply because those functions are not yet implemented into the game.
It feels weird to add newer vehicles whose real life counterparts got updates in forms that wont currently matter to the game as all those updates gave them functions that aren’t implemented in the game.

Take the JAS39C for example. basically NONE of the updates it received IRL are in the game. the only thing would be HMD but that was decided to also be given to the JAS39A as a balance thing. so currently the JAS39C is quite literally just a more historically accurate JAS39A (save for the HMD).
This is incredibly sad for people whose favourite vehicles get implemented in this way no matter the nation or type of vehicle. I sincerely hope that you are planing LOTS of new functions an features for top tier before a new wave of more modern vehicles are added.
(and i have not even started on the flight models that wont be close to accurate going forward)


plz enable sound mods back


We’re better off without sound mods. Too many cheaters abuse them.


While I overall like this change, I think the reload speed for a destroyed autoloader should be changed to that of a dead battery reload. It would still make it incredibly punishing to have it destroyed, but the crew can still reload it given enough time as long as the breech or cannon isn’t destroyed.


How about placing one little switch on options.
Visual weapon selector [ X ] Off [ ] On.
And disable that view blocking horrible square from bottom of screen.


and this is how soviet mbt’s have better reloading on top tier compared on autoloader :D

Soviet MBTs have worse reloads than all of their competitors though?

Please also add an option to hide Squadron tags of all players, possibly a separate toggle for in hud, stats tab and killfeed. It makes nicknames longer and obstructs my view unnesseraly, I’d wish not to see them.

Yeh spaa’s totally needed their empty space being filled with modules first… definitely wasn’t helicopters or certain planes surviving multiple missiles.


Still waiting for Sweden’s Gripen to get NATO standard mavericks, and a TGP for the SU27SM…