Fold of the BO 105 PAH-1 and the BO 105 PAH-1a1

I was wondering if the German BO 105’s can be foldered. Tey present literally no advantage over the other except for an upgraded ATGM. Which by all means would be a modification for other vehicles.
The helicopter grind is already painful for the Germans with lacking air to air capability… NO air to air capability, no turret guns, and overall lacking loadout options.
If the Dev team would like to add the NH90 for the Germans or maybe the Sea lynx from the German navy then the grind will open up a lot more options… I’d be happy to present some in the suggestions threads.

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Helicopter grind is a mess, having to grind out hundreds of thousands of RP for minor upgrades to meet some arbitrary RP requirement is wild, especially since there is still no good helicopter mode, giving crappy helicopters 400k RP requirement without them actually being good is stupid.

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The one with weaker ATGMs also could be -0.3 BR. Otherwise these two are totally redundant.

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Fun fact:

There are THREE IDENTICAL BO-105s at the same BR (9.3) in Germany. You have to grind TWO mandatory in the tech tree and there is also a removed premium. Guess what? The first tech tree one is the worst with HOT-2s, the second tech tree one is the same BR, identical in every way but what ATGMs it gets, (hot-3s, barely different) and then the premium gets (of course the premium is the best one! cant have WT without p2w!) the best missile load of 8x I-TOWs.


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The TOWs are anemic. I used all three. The seond TT one is the best, best kill power.

But still for all other nations this thing would be just one chopper and the three ATGMs would be loadout mods to unlock and to select. Not three identical choppers with hundrets of thousands required RP to unlock them.

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Maybe once they add the airbus helicopter this could be worth visiting.

nah those are navy choppers and give nothing to use in GRB, better to try looking at these TT proposals
they have a lot of interesting aircraft

1s* yes lol its that bad

it gets HOT-2s sigh… suffer simulator frfr